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AOM's Subject Matter Expert panel discussions bring together AOM Scholars from around the world to discuss the latest, trending topics within the management and organization field.

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      2024 Webinar Series

      Sunday, 11 August 2024 at 12:00 EST (GMT/UTC-4)
      Webinar will be held in-person at the AOM Annual Meeting.

      Overview: In line with the 2024 Annual Meeting theme – Innovating for the Future – this topic will address the dramatic technological shifts as well as the ever-changing workplace complexities at the intersection of innovation, policy, and purpose. Helping to answer the questions on how organizations and managers can create policies (at macro, meta, and micro levels) that strike a balance between regulating the use of emerging technologies (such as AI) and incentivizing innovation that aligns with responsible, purpose-oriented and scalable growth.

      AOM Scholars On... Employee training and development in a changing world fostering workforce proactivity.

      Date: TBD Q4

      Overview: A recent Forbes article revealed that workers are still reeling from the seismic shifts COVID brought to the workplace and the lingering impact it continues to have on culture, training and development. According to McKinsey research, a lack of development or growth opportunities led around 60% of employees to leave their jobs. How can organizations do a better job facilitating growth and development in this new world of work? How can they foster proactivity? This panel will explore this shift and provide insights-based solutions for organizations. 

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