Academy of Management Perspectives

Published quarterly in February, May, August, and November

The mission of Academy of Management Perspectives (AMP) is to inform current and future “thought leaders” who, through their leadership, teaching, consulting, and/or other professional activities have the potential to influence management practice and policy. These include educators and their students, business writers, consultants, executives, policy makers, and other practitioners seeking innovative, evidence-based approaches for addressing timely and important management issues. AMP publishes papers that bridge scholarly research and practice that are based on research evidence. This evidence can be quantitative or qualitative, focusing on one study, or summarizing the results of several studies in a particular line of research. AMP will not publish opinion pieces. Articles should strive to explicate a set of findings in a manner that focuses on implications for policy and practice, rather than on implications for theory. Articles might include practitioner or policy-oriented reviews of empirical studies, descriptive articles that advance our understanding of management practices or strategic approaches, and articles describing the practice and/or policy implications of evidence-based work.

Academy of Management Perspectives Submissions

  • Inform an issue of evident importance to managerial practice and/or policy, and 
  • Engage in rigorous and original conceptual or empirical analysis, and
  • Concisely and clearly convey key ideas to a non-specialized audience

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Joint AMLE and AMP Paper Development Workshop, Brazil

Joint in-person workshop in Florianópolis, Brazil held in conjunction with EnANPAD. Extended abstract and commitment to attend is required for all participants. Submission deadline: 2 August

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