President's Corner

The President’s Corner seeks to raise awareness across Academy of Management membership for understanding organizational goals and celebrating notable achievements.


President's Corner with Sharon Alvarez: The Reach and Responsibility of AOM Community

"We sometimes forget the fellowship and community that Academy of Management supports....Last year I fell at the airport at a place that was not my home....and I had to have surgery the next day....I was able to call an Academy of Management member...and he showed up to the emergency room with flowers and a bottle of water!...That is the power of community." -Sharon Alvarez, President of the Academy of Management

President's Corner with Sharon Alvarez: Welcome

"The goal is: We are one. No matter where you are, where there's an AOM member, you know that this is part of your community."-Sharon Alvarez, President of the Academy of Management

Advancing AOM Research: Publication Volunteer Leaders

“We should be particularly thankful to our 85 editors and associate editors of our seven journals. These volunteers are some of our field’s most respected and influential scholars, and they are so generously devoting so much of their time and effort to our field.” -Herman Aguinis, President of the Academy of Management

Divisions and Interest Groups: AOM's Neighborhoods

“Divisions and Interest Groups are our local neighborhoods, where we make friends and learn from each other, where we serve as mentors and mentees, and where we receive feedback on our papers.” Herman Aguinis, President of the Academy of Management

Appreciating AOM's Volunteers: Board of Governors

“The Board’s diverse experiences and perspectives help us be innovative and also be open to new opportunities about how we can serve Academy members better.” —Herman Aguinis, President of the Academy of Management

Critical Operational Support: AOM Headquarters Team

“AOM staff work in close and constant coordination with our 14 members of the Board of Governors and the leaders of our Divisions and Interest Groups. They help us with all operational aspects and also to think creatively about how we can enhance AOM’s value proposition.” — Herman Aguinis, President of the Academy of Management

Get To Know Your Academy Board of Governors

"Taking a look under the hood of the Board of Governors—Who are these people? What do they do?" - Herman Aguinis, President

Celebrating AOM Division & Interest Group Innovations and Networking

Academy of Management President Herman Aguinis offers insights about the AOM’s 26 Division and Interest Groups as the best opportunity for members to gain meaningful participation in their areas of research, and longtime friendships and collaborations.

Showcasing the 2022 Annual Meeting

“We are continuing our journey of adapting to a changed landscape and leveraging our learnings from virtual experiments in 2020 and 2021. So, what does this mean for this year? One Annual Meeting: Three Experiences.” -Sharon Alvarez, Program Chair & Vice President

AOM Research: Rigor and Relevance

Our journals clearly target readers who are management and organization researchers and educators. But they also aim to be relevant and useful for organizations and society at large.

Innovation Thrives

It’s been quite a ride since the first Academy of Management meeting took place 85 years ago with only 10 people in attendance!

Building AOM’s Future

'We' is the key. It is you, and you … all of us, almost 20,000 Academy members.
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