Divisions and Interest Groups

Divisions and Interest Groups (DIGs) reflect a broad range of member interests within 26 management disciplines. They provide collective relationships among members within a particular subject area who share similar aspects of research, interests, and professional scholarship. Each DIG offers a specific range of services, educational sessions, and social events at the Annual Meeting. DIG websites offer resources such as professional development opportunities, recognition programs, and member communications specific to each DIG.

Explore all Divisions and Interest Groups

  • Micro cluster: Micro DIGs focus on individual people, typically drawing on the discipline of psychology.
  • Macro cluster: Macro DIGs focus on industries, markets, professions, or other large social units, typically drawing on economics and sociology.
  • Meso cluster: Meso DIGs focus on intermediary social structures and processes that form connections between the micro and macro domains, drawing on diverse social science disciplines.

    Changing your Division or Interest Group Selection

    An AOM Membership allows you to join two Divisions and/or Interest Groups. Additional DIGs can be added for $11 USD per Division; $7 USD per Interest Group at anytime by logging to your account and selecting the Division and/or Interest Group you want to add.

    Current Divisions and Interest Groups can be changed at the time of your membership renewal or by completing the DIG Change Update Form and emailing it to Member Services.