AOM Logo red typeOur logo is one of the most recognizable and visible aspects of the Academy of Management. People are introduced to AOM through its presentation.  

The current logo includes the logomark (logo) combined with the logotype “Academy of Management”.  

The logotype font is Janson Text.  

The logo colors are blue, white, and black. For printing purposes, the blue is Pantone Solid Coated 7683 C or Pantone Solid Uncoated 7691 U. For digital purposes, the blue is hex value is #0070AF. 

The logo is available in two arrangements: vertical and horizontal. Use only approved logo files provided by AOM and available here or by contacting Communications and Marketing.  

Set of AOM Logos

Logo Placement 

The logo needs to be clear and readable. To maintain full legibility, the size of the logo should be at least ¼ of an inch tall (30 pixels for digital) and the words “Academy of” easily readable.  

AOM Logo with dimension specsTo maximize impact and ensure readability, a protected area around the logo should be maintained. The protected area is equal to half the height of the logo and extends out on all four sides of the logo.  

While the logo doesn’t always need to be the most dominant element on the page, it is important to place the logo on a background that allows it to be easily seen. Try not use the logo on a busy, dark or vibrantly colored background.  If using a dark background, use the white Academy logo.  

Logo use and placements to avoid: 

  • Using old logos  
  • Creating your own version of the logo 
  • Stretching or skewing the logo’s perspective 
  • Placing the logo too close to other graphical elements 
  • Adding additional type inside the clear space 
  • Placing the logo on top of busy photographs that reduces visibility and legibility 

Set of Incorrect AOM Logos


The Academy of Management logo and all Academy of Management properties are trademarked. Misuse or copying of our logo or marks by third parties is prohibited.  


Academy of Management committees operate under the discretion of the Board of Governors and have limited autonomy.  Committees are appointed by the Board to perform activities within their charge.  As such, committee names are determined by AOM and referenced as “The XYZ Committee of the Academy of Management”. Committees do not have logos.


The Academy of Management grants license to groups to use the name and logomark of the Academy of Management in accordance with the affiliation and associated society guidelines established by the Board of Governors. The AOM actively polices its trademarks through examination of use of marks within registered countries.  For information regarding licensing, please contact Communications and Marketing.


The Academy of Management strives for consistent font usage in all our communications – internal and external.

AOM’s official fonts are Source Sans Pro (sans serif) and Janson SK Pro (serif).

Source Sans Pro can be used as a main font for large headlines and bold messages, as well as small to medium sized copy.  
Source Sans Pro font sample
JansenSK Pro can be used for large blocks of copy and for more stylish typography when serifs are preferred.
Jansen SK Pro font sample

Both fonts are available for download here. 

Colors and Accents 


Academy Blue color sample


Accent Colors sample


Journal Colors sample


SCI Colors sample


AOM Style Tile sample

Graphic and Design Elements


Broken Glass sampleAOM uses a visual device that resembles stained glass as a design element across many of our communications. Its colorful pieces overlap with other pieces, creating new colors in combination with each other, an evocative symbol of the colorations that happen regularly between and among the Academy’s diverse members. The addition of lines that connect at round nodes suggest an ever-developing member network.  

This device may be used as a background or accent piece when necessary or desired (similar to how it is used on the background of this page and in the images at the end of this document). To obtain the stained-glass design, please download our template or contact Communications and Marketing


Photography sampleThe Academy of Management uses a combination of event and stock photography for our communications. Our event photographs capture the emotion of our members at our Annual Meeting and Specialized Conferences. Our stock photography selections incorporate images that quickly and easily convey a situation or emotion. These images often accompany Insights summaries where an image or graphic immediately expresses the main idea.


Infographics are an easy way to convey complex ideas and data in a quick, visual communication. They combine facts, charts and data points that highlight the research our authors and scholars conduct. 

Graphics sample


AMD Swag sampleThe Academy of Management’s brand is often most present and visible in signage and collateral. In these cases, it is important that the AOM’s name or logo be included and presented in a clear and visible manner.  

Whenever producing signage or collateral, please contact Communications and Marketing for assistance with logo layout and placement, as well as production assistance with the vendor. 

SWAG samples

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