Call for Volunteers: ENT Division Ambassadors Program at AOM 2024

The ENT Division invites volunteers to join the ENT Ambassadors Program at AOM 2024. Members will assist in the planning and support of events and activities during the Annual Meeting. Build your network and support ENT.

AMLE Call for Special Issue Proposals

Submission deadline: August 1 2024 for AMLE special issue proposals for publication in 2027. AMLE will select one special issue for each year.

AMR Idea Development Workshop, London UK

In-person workshop at the UCL School of Management in London, England. Registration and submission of a slide presentation is required for all participants. Registration deadline: 15 May

Call for Volunteers: HCM Division Student Representative

The HCM Division invites volunteers to volunteer for an upcoming Student Representative position. Meet and work with with fellow division members and help give students a voice. Deadline: 1 July
Event: 24 Jul 2024

First Time Annual Meeting Attendee & New Member Orientation Webinar

Learn more about your Academy membership benefits and how to navigate the Annual Meeting prior to your arrival in Chicago on this webinar from 10:00-11:30. RSVP required to attend this event.

Register for the 84th Annual Meeting (AOM 2024)

Join us for the world's premier event for scholarly engagement.

AMD "Shark Tank" Paper Development Workshop at AOM 2024

Contestants needed for the AMD "Shark Tank" PDW at AOM 2024. Registration for the Annual Meeting and submission of an extended abstract required. Submission deadline: 8 July 2024.

Teaching and Learning Conference (TLC@AOM) Plenary Session Luncheon

The TLC@AOM luncheon plenary will feature Keynote Speaker Loredana Parudean. Held in-person during AOM 2024 on Sunday, 11 August. TLC@AOM requires additional registration and fee.
Event: 11 Aug 2024

AOM Scholars On… How to Win at Work: Using Technology for Productivity and Innovation

This panel takes place in-person at the AOM Annual Meeting. Join AOM Subject Matter Experts as they discuss dramatic technological shifts and complexities at the intersection of innovation, policy, and purpose.

AMJ Research Methods Paper Development Workshop, Tennessee, USA

In-person workshop hosted by The University of Tennessee Knoxville. Registration and submission of extended abstract are required by 5 August 2024.

AMJ Paper Development Workshop, Switzerland

In-person workshop hosted by IMD Business School, Lausanne. Extended abstract and registration required to attend. Submission deadline: 5 August 2024

AMD Special Research Forum - Creative Industries: Challenges and Opportunities of Digital Technologies

AMD Special Research Forum Call for Submissions: Creative Industries. Submission period: 1 September-30 September 2024.

AMR Special Topic Forum - Artificial Intelligence in Management

Call for submissions for AMR Special Topic Forum: Artificial Intelligence in Management. Submission Date: 1 October 2024.

AMJ Paper Development Workshop, Washington DC, USA

In-person workshop hosted by American University in Washington DC. Extended abstract and registration required to attend. Submission deadline: 3 September 2024

Joint Annals and AMLE Idea Development Workshop, Denmark

Joint in-person workshop in Copenhagen. Registration, submission of an extended abstract, and commitment to attend is required for all participants. Submission deadline: 1 October 2024

AMR Idea Development Workshop, Colombia

In-person workshop at Universidad EAFIT in Medellin, Colombia. Registration and submission is required for all participants. Registration deadline: 3 October2024

AMLE Call for Special Issue Papers: Building Theory on Leadership Development

Building Theory on Leadership Development. Submission deadline: 15 December 2024. Scheduled for publication September 2026.

AMR Special Topic Forum - Polarization and the Novel Dynamics of Organizing That Surround It

Call for submissions for AMR Special Topic Forum: Polarization and the Novel Dynamics of Organizing That Surround It. Submission Deadline: 1 June 2025

The 85th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management

Join us for the Academy of Management's first Annual Meeting held in Europe.

Call for Submissions: AMD Discoveries-through-Prose

Discoveries-through-Prose invites submissions of nontraditional manuscripts that provide a riveting narrative and directly connect to management and organizational research.

Call for Submissions: Academy of Management Collections

Interested in publishing an Academy of Management Collections? Curate a volume: an original essay tied to 10-20 articles selected from the AOM archive. See the full submission guidelines.

Call for Submissions: AMD Registered Reports

Scholars are encouraged to submit a Registered Report: the introduction, methods, measurement info, and analysis plan (but not the results) of a completed or planned study.

The Academy of Management hosts events around the world, connecting members and those interested in the field of management.

The largest and longest running event is our Annual Meeting. Each year, more than 10,000 scholars, authors, students and practitioners gather to connect and explore ideas about management and organizational scholarship.

In addition to the Annual Meeting, AOM holds Specialized Conferences for smaller, meaningful and sustainable new meeting opportunities for members and non-members alike.

If you are an author who is interested in developing manuscripts for submission to one of our academic journals, AOM's Paper Development Workshops are offered year-round at locations around the world.

Did you know…

  • Our Annual Meeting offers paper writing workshops, paper presentation opportunities, and a Career Services Center
  • AOM holds international Specialized Conferences
  • Our next Specialized Conference is being held in Mexico City, with a focus on the Impact of Management in Latin America
  •  AOM has an event calendar to keep you updated on meetings and events

Annual Meeting

The Academy of Management’s Annual Meeting is the largest gathering of management and organization scholars in the world. This event gives members the opportunity to network, share their research, learn about the latest trends in management, and improve their papers.

Explore the Annual Meeting

Specialized Conferences

Specialized Conferences feature a portfolio of smaller, meaningful, and sustainable meeting opportunities that complement our historic Annual Meeting. Conference models allow members and participants to connect and engage throughout the year, virtually and in varied locations, that are reflective of the geographic dispersion of our international membership.

Explore Specialized Conferences

Paper Development Workshops

Paper Development Workshops are designed to provide authors with guidance and expertise in the development of their manuscript for potential submission to an AOM journal. The workshops include presentations about the individual journal, as well as round-table discussions that focus on providing authors with practical and developmental feedback aimed at strengthening and improving their papers.

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