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Academy of Management Learning & Education

Academy of Management Learning & Education (AMLE) journal publishes a wide range of materials devoted to management education in colleges and universities, and all organizations that formally foster learning about management in four content areas: research and reviews, essays and dialogues, book and research reviews, and exemplary contributions. AMLE is not a teaching-practice journal that publishes descriptive work, rather, it is a scholarly journal that publishes rigorous logical and empirical analyses of courses, curricula, programs, and other practices within business schools that contribute to theoretical debate.

Research and Reviews Submissions Should

  • Be quantitative or qualitative empirical manuscripts, or conceptual research, or literature reviews
  • Be focused on management learning and education and/or the business of business schools
  • Consider prior literature, relevant theoretical perspectives, and make a contribution to theoretical debate
  • Have practical as well as theoretical implications
  • Normally be up to 40 pages in length, double-spaced, inclusive of all figures, tables, and references (references may be single-spaced), although qualitative manuscripts with extensive rich data may be slightly longer

Essay Submissions Should

  • Be provocative manuscripts on current and future issues and trends in teaching, learning, and management education
  • Be original commentaries or critiques, and must not be narrative accounts of author experiences with specific instructional technologies, techniques, courses, or program creation
  • Be up to 35 pages in length, double-spaced, inclusive of all figures, tables, and references (references may be single-spaced)

Authors are encouraged to explore ideas for essay manuscripts with the section editor:

Dirk Lindebaum, Associate Editor


Dialogues Submissions Should

  • Be original commentaries or critiques of Exemplary Contributions, Research & Reviews, or Essays published in AMLE
  • Broadly advance the state of scholarship in the area of the target paper, as opposed to being primarily critiques of the reasoning or methodology of the target paper (authors of the target paper are not generally permitted to respond to a Dialogue, unless the Editor and relevant Associate Editors deem that such a response could add significant value)
  • Be up to 15 pages in length, double-spaced, inclusive of all figures, tables and references (references may be single -spaced)

Before developing a dialogue manuscript, prospective authors must consult with the Editor to ensure that their topic and approach is consistent with AMLE's mission and audience:

Paul Hibbert, Editor


Exemplary Contributions Should

  • Be written by prominent scholars or practitioners
  • Be specifically invited by the Editor, and not unsolicited

Suggestions of individuals who have made significant contributions to management learning and education may be sent to:

Paul Hibbert

Book and Resource Reviews Should

  • Focus on materials that can be used by management educators, practitioners, and researchers.
  • Include resources drawn from across the disciplines.

Readers interested in writing reviews and those who have suggestions of materials for review should:

Style Guidelines

Please review our Style Guide for manuscript requirements prior to submitting.


View AOM’s Ethics policy page, which includes our Code of Ethics and detailed procedures and inquiry requests.

Review Process

The editor will screen all manuscripts submitted to the Research and Reviews, Essays, and Dialogues sections. In some cases, a manuscript may be returned without peer review if it is judged to be inappropriate for publication in AMLE. Manuscripts that are deficient in grammar, spelling, and punctuation also may be returned without review.

Manuscripts judged to be consistent with the mission and standards of AMLE will be submitted for double-blind review to at least two referees as dictated by content. At least one referee is usually an Editorial Board member. Submitting authors can expect to receive first-round feedback via email in approximately 75 days, moderated by the editor or an associate editor.

Manuscripts will be evaluated by referees on the following criteria (criteria will be selectively applied, based on the nature and type of the manuscript):

  • Originality and importance of core ideas
  • Quality of treatment of the relevant existing literature
  • Quality of the presentation of ideas
  • Design and execution of research methodology (if appropriate)
  • Overall contribution of the article to the advancement of management education

Authors are encouraged to solicit feedback from colleagues on early drafts. A manuscript can be improved dramatically when knowledgeable reviewers are asked for reactions in advance of submission. Manuscripts are considered with the understanding that their contents have not been published and are not under consideration elsewhere. Presentation of a paper at a professional meeting does not disqualify it from consideration.

Submission of a manuscript to AMLE also carries an implicit quid pro quo: willingness to review for AMLE. The cornerstone of the editorial process at AMLE is the willingness of colleagues to provide each other feedback through peer review. Authors who submit manuscripts to AMLE for review are expected to reciprocate by reviewing for AMLE if called upon to do so.

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