Specialized Conferences

Specialized Conferences feature a portfolio of smaller, meaningful, and sustainable new meeting opportunities that complement our historic Annual Meeting.

Several conference models allow members and participants to connect and engage throughout the year, virtually and in varied locations, that are reflective of the geographic dispersion of our international membership. In addition to these conferences, new ideas that reflect the creative energy of our membership are expected to emerge, as the AOM experiments with new program structures, delivery modes, content features, and conference designs, including webinars and virtual conferences.

AOM is no longer accepting applications for Specialized Conferences.  The AOM Specialized Conference Initiative (SCI) was sunset in August 2022. 

Past Specialized Conferences

Advancing Management Research in Latin America

15-17 April 2020 | Location: Mexico City, Mexico | Latin America is a unique and under-explored region in terms of research. It is unique since its countries form part of four different regions: North America, Central America, Caribbean, and South America; and through its rich history, culture, and various socioeconomic and political conditions, provide a relevant setting for management research and its application. This conference also served to foster the development of research from Latin American scholars and institutions.

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Responsible Leadership in Rising Economies

23-25 October 2019 | Location: Bled, Slovenia | The Responsible Leadership in Rising Economies conference explored what “responsible leadership” means in the context of a rapidly changing world, particularly in rising and transforming economies, and how collaboration with businesses, policy makers, NGOs, media, and other stakeholders could best support the development of responsible management and sustainable innovation.

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From Start-up to Scale-up: Coping with Organizational Challenges in a Volatile Business Environment

17-19 December 2018 | Location: Tel Aviv, Israel | Following the recent financial crisis, and against the background of international political and economic turmoil, policy makers and practitioners face the important challenge of revitalizing and stabilizing the volatile economy through effective innovation policies and strategies that incentivize entrepreneurial efforts. This conference provided a unique opportunity for identifying key challenges, discussing implications, and developing suitable strategies.

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Big Data and Managing in a Digital Economy

18-20 April 2018 | Location: Surrey, UK | At the Big Data and Managing in a Digital Economy Conference, attendees discussed the ways that big data and digital technologies change how we work and the world we live in. Researchers questioned the extent to which modern organizations will require or need to invent new forms of management.

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The Academy of Management's Africa Conference

7-10 January 2013 | Location: Johannesburg, South Africa | This conference provided an opportunity for members from across the globe to explore the unique opportunities and diverse challenges of the continent. Participants gathered to connect and learn about this region through experiential learning journeys, interactive sessions, collaborative workshops, and networking activities.

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