2023 Publication Awards

Each year during the Annual Meeting, the Academy of Management recognizes authors and reviewers of journal articles that were published in the previous year in each of the Academy's six journals. The selection process for the award committee for each journal is determined by the individual journal. In general, articles and reviewers selected:

  • Advance the mission of the individual publication;
  • Bring forth core ideas that are original, important, and provocative;
  • Have a clear and important contribution to the field of management;
  • Best reviewers provide timely, development reviews.

Editors create a separate advisory committee to determine and select the article(s) from the prior year as the "Best Article."

Academy of Management Annals

Academy of Management Discoveries

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Best Article Finalists

Erica R. Bailey, C. Blaine Horton, and Adam D. Galinsky
Enclothed Harmony or Enclothed Dissonance? The Effect of Attire on the Authenticity, Power, and Engagement of Remote Workers

Supradeep Dutta, Timothy B. Folta, and Jenna Rodrigues
Do Governments Fund the Best Entrepreneurial Ventures? The Case of the Small Business Innovation Research Program

Ewald Kibler, Bernadetta A. Ginting-Szczesny, Eero Vaara, and Jukka-Pekka Heikkila
Envisioning Entrepreneurial Engagement in North Korea


  • Hajo Adam
  • Eric Anicich
  • Michelle Barton
  • Lindsay Cameron
  • Sarah Doyle
  • Matthew Farrell
  • Paul Green
  • Denis Gregoire
  • Insiya Hussain
  • Sunny Lee
  • Yih-Teen Lee
  • Irina Liuberte
  • Jens Mazei
  • Murad Mithani
  • Philip Rogiers
  • Denise Rousseau
  • Patricia Satterstrom
  • Catherine Shea
  • Dana Vashdi
  • Andy Wu

Academy of Management Journal

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Best Article Finalists 

Suntae Kim and Anna Kim
Going Viral or Growing Like an Oak Tree? Towards Sustainable Local Development through Entrepreneurship

Pok Man Tang, Joel Koopman, J., Shawn T. McClean, Jack H, Zhang, Chi Hon Li, David De Cremer, Yizhen Lu, and Chin Tung Stewart Ng
When Conscientious employees Meet Intelligent Machines: An Integrative Approach Inspired by Complementarity Theory and Role Theory


Dana Kanze, Laura Huang, Mark A. Conley, and E. Tory Higgins
We Ask Men to Win and Women Not to Lose: Closing the Gender Gap in Startup Funding

Impact Award Finalists

Christopher Wright and Daniel Nyberg
An Inconvenient Truth: How Organizations Translate Climate Change into Business as Usual

Pratima Bansal and Kendall Roth
Why Companies Go Green: A Model of Ecological Responsiveness


Africa Academy of Management


  • John Busenbark
  • Joep Cornelissen
  • Carolyn Dang
  • Kathleen Eisenhardt
  • Hans Frankort
  • Daniel Gamache
  • Yaping Gong
  • Derek Harmon
  • Amy Hillman
  • Inga Hoever
  • Michael Howard
  • Anthony Klotz
  • Zhenyu Liao
  • Michael Mannor
  • Anita McGahan
  • C. Chet Miller
  • Ann Peng
  • Nathan Podsakoff
  • Elke S. Schüßler
  • Wendy K. Smith
  • David Souder
  • Paul Tracey
  • Charlene Zietsma

Academy of Management Learning & Education

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Christine Moser, Frank den Hond, and Dirk Lindebaum
Morality in the Age of Artificially Intelligent Algorithms


  • Andromachi Athanasopoulou
  • Steven Charlier
  • Kathy Lund Dean
  • Linda Sama
  • Frank Siedlok
  • James Spee


Manuel Ramirez

Academy of Management Perspectives



Peter G. Klein, R. Michael Holmes Jr., Nicolai Foss, Siri Terjesen, and Justin Pepe
Capitalism, Cronyism, and Management Scholarship: A Call for Clarity

Best Article Finalists

Edward N. Gamble and Pablo Muñoz
When Tax-Exempt Nonprofits Detract Value from Society

Ann L. Cunliffe and Kathryn Pavlovich
Making Our Work Matter: From Spectator to Engagement through Public Organization and Management Studies


Charles A. O’Reilly, III and Michael L. Tushman
Organizational Ambidexterity: Past, Present, and Future


  • Alexander Brem
  • Per Bylund
  • Carmelo Cennamo
  • Bart Clarysse
  • Jonathan Eckhardt
  • Ziyun Fan
  • Oksana Gerwe
  • Danna Greenberg
  • Michael Holmes
  • Mevan Jayasinghe
  • Benyamin Lichtenstein
  • Dirk Lindebaum
  • Tammy Madsen
  • Liliana Nordtvedt
  • Chris Quinn Trank
  • Linda Trevino
  • Theodore Waldron

Academy of Management Review

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Trish Ruebottom, Sean Buchanan, Maxim Voronov, and Madeline Toubiana
Commercializing the Practice of Voyeurism: How Organizations Leverage Authenticity and Transgression to Create Value

Best Article Finalists

Brian Ganson, Tony L. He, and Witold J. Henisz
Business and Peace: The Impact of Firm–Stakeholder Relational Strategies on Conflict Risk


Shaul Oreg, Jean M. Bartunek, Gayoung Lee, and Boram Do
An Affect-Based Model of Recipients’ Responses To Organizational Change Events

Managerial Practice Award Finalists 

Thomas M. Jones, Jeffrey S. Harrison, and Will Felps
How Applying Instrumental Stakeholder Theory Can Provide Sustainable Competitive Advantage


Murray R. Barrick, Michael K. Mount, and Ning Li
The Theory of Purposeful Work Behavior: The Role of Personality, Higher-Order Goals, and Job Characteristics


  • Brianna Caza
  • Matthew Grimes
  • Sarah Harvey
  • Elaine Hollensbe
  • Alessandro Iorio
  • Dirk Lindebaum
  • Christi Lockwood
  • Satish Nambisan
  • Sebastian Raisch
  • Belle Rose Ragins
  • Andrew Schnackenberg
  • Christy Shropshire
  • Jean-Francois Soubliere
  • Karl Taeuscher
  • Paul Tracey
  • Matthew Wood


  • Marne Arthaud Day
  • Blake Ashforth
  • Alex Bitektine
  • Clint Chadwick
  • Curtis Chan
  • Stephanie Creary
  • Matthew Cronin
  • Derek Harmon
  • Laura Giurge
  • Andi Konig
  • Kisha Lashley
  • Lisa Leslie
  • Martha Maznevski
  • Alex Murray
  • Francois Neville
  • Michael Pfarrer
  • Hettie Richardson
  • Grazia Santangelo
  • Dean Shepherd
  • Dana Sumpter
  • David Townsend
  • Miles Zachary
  • Anastasiya Zavyalov
  • Michael Zundel


  • Royston Greenwood
  • Vilmos Misangyi
  • Donald J. Schepker
  • Stephanie Wang

Academy of Management Collections


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  • Iva Zander
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