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Teaching Resources

Business schools teach students at a scale often larger than other subject areas, meaning that the potential for impact through research-led teaching is enormous. AMLE is delighted, therefore, to enable AMLE authors to share teaching slides based on their research published in AMLE.

These slides are published alongside the published article, and can be adopted by other management educators in their classes (either because of topic or pedagogical interest). More examples are to follow, but we are thrilled to share here the first examples (which are free access for a limited period). 

  1. Where Are You Coming From? A Place-Based Approach to Developing Leader Self-Awareness
    Toby P. Newstead Nathan Eva and David V. Day
  2. Legitimacy Through Research Not Rankings: A Provocation and Proposal for Business Schools
    Gilles Grolleau and Luc Meunier
  3. Civilize the Business School: For a Civic Management Education
    Laura A.Colombo