Academy of Management Presidential Gallery

Sharon Alvarez
University of Pittsburgh
79th President (2024)
PhD, University of Colorado


Amy Hillman
Arizona State University
78th President (2023)
PhD, Texas A&M University
Presidential Address 2023:
What If Service Was Our “Currency”?
Academy of Management Review, Vol. 49, No. 2, April 2024

Aguinis_HermanHerman Aguinis
George Washington University
77th President (2022)
PhD, The State University of New York Albany
Presidential Address 2022: 
This is Our Celebration
Academy of Management Review, Vol. 48, No. 2, April 2023

Quinetta RobersonQuinetta M. Roberson
Michigan State University
76th President (2021)
PhD, University of Maryland
Presidential Address 2021:
Meeting Our Moment
Academy of Management Review, Vol. 47, No. 2, April 2022

2016JCoyleShapiroJacqueline A-M. Coyle-Shapiro
London School of Economics
75th President (2020)
PhD, London School of Economics
Presidential Address 2020:
A Year to Remember: An Extraordinary Journey onto a Promising Path of Inclusion and Agility
Academy of Management Review, Vol. 46, No. 2, April 2021

Carol_KulikCarol Kulik
University of South Australia
74th President (2019)
PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Presidential Address 2019:
Management Scholars, End Users, and the Power of Thinking Small
Academy of Management Review, Vol. 45, No. 2, April 2020

2018-MaryAnnGlynnMary Ann Glynn
Boston College
73rd President (2018)
PhD, Columbia University
Presidential Address 2018:
The Mission of Community and the Promise of Collective Action
Academy of Management Review, Vol. 44, No. 2, April 2019

AnitaMcGahanAnita M. McGahan
University of Toronto
72nd President (2017)
PhD, Harvard University
Presidential Address 2017:
Freedom in Scholarship: Lessons From Atlanta
Academy of Management Review, Vol. 43 No. 2, April 2018

ShapiroDebra L. Shapiro
University of Maryland
71st President (2016)
PhD, Northwestern University
Presidential Address 2016:
Making the Academy Full-Voice Meaningful
Academy of Management Review, Vol. 42, No. 2, April 2017

Adler-PPGalleryPaul S. Adler
University of Southern California
70th President (2015)
PhD, University of Picardie
Presidential Address 2015:
Our Teaching Mission
Academy of Management Review, Vol. 41, No. 2, April 2016

direlandR. Duane Ireland
Texas A&M University
69th President (2014)
PhD, Texas Tech University
Presidential Address 2014:
Our Academy, Our Future
Academy of Management Review Vol. 41, No. 2, April 2015

ming-jer chenMing-Jer Chen
Darden School of Business, University of Virginia
68th President (2013)
Presidential Address 2013:
Becoming Ambicultural: A Personal Quest, and Aspiration for Organizations
Academy of Management Review. Vol. 39 No. 2, April 2014

Tsui, AnneAnne S. Tsui
Arizona State University
67th President (2012)
PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
Presidential Address 2012:
On Compassion: Why Should We Care?
Academy of Management Review Vol. 38, No. 2, April 2012

JacksonSusan E. Jackson
Rutgers University
66th President (2011)
BA, University of Minnesota, Morris
MA, University of California, Berkeley
PhD, University of California, Berkeley
Presidential Address 2011:
"We @ AOM"
Academy of Management Review, Vol. 37, No. 2, April 2011

Walsh(1)James P. (Jim) Walsh
University of Michigan
65th President (2010)
BA, State University Of New York At Albany
MA, University Of Chicago
PhD, Northwestern University
Presidential Address 2010:
Embracing the Sacred in our Secular Scholarly World
Academy of Management Review, Vol. 36, No. 2, April 2011

DeNisiAngelo DeNisi
Tulane University
64th President (2009)
BA, Herbert H. Lehman College (C.U.N.Y.)
MS, Purdue University
PhD, Purdue University
Presidential Address 2009:
Challenges and Opportunities for The Academy in The Next Decade
Academy of Management Review, Vol. 35, No. 2, April 2010

leeThomas W. (Tom) Lee
University of Washington
63rd President (2008)
Presidential Address 2008:
The Management Professor
Academy of Management Review, Vol. 34, No. 2, April 2009

smithKen G. Smith
University of Maryland
62nd President (2007)
BS, University of Rhode Island
MBA, University of Rhode Island
PhD, University of Washington


tom_cummingsThomas G. (Tom) Cummings
University of Southern California
61st President (2006)
BS, Cornell University
MBA, Cornell University
PhD, University of California, Los Angeles

RousseauDenise M. Rousseau
Carnegie Mellon University
60th President (2005)
AB, University of California at Berkeley
MA, University of California at Berkeley
PhD, University of California at Berkeley

tungRosalie L. Tung
Simon Fraser University
59th President (2004)
PhD, University of British Columbia

PearceJone L. Pearce
University of California at Irvine
58th President (2003)
BA, University of California at Berkeley
MA, PhD, Yale University

jean_bartunek-newJean M. B.A. Bartunek
Boston College
57th President (2002)
BA, Maryville University (St. Louis)
MA, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago

vandeven-newAndrew H. (Andy) Van de Ven
University of Minnesota
56th President (2001)
BBA, St. Norbert College
MBA, PhD, University of Wisconsin

david_whetten-newDavid A. Whetten
Brigham Young University
55th President (2000)
BS, MS, Brigham Young University
PhD, Cornell University

Anne_huffAnne S. Huff
University of Colorado
54th President (1999)
BA, Barnard College
MA, PhD, Northwestern University

Starbuck-newWilliam H. (Bill) Starbuck
New York University
53rd President (1998)
AB, Harvard University
MS, PhD, Carnegie-Mellon University

Mike_hittMichael A. (Mike) Hitt
Texas A&M University
52nd President (1997)
BBA, MBA, Texas Tech University
PhD, University of Colorado

Rich_mowday-newRichard T. (Rick) Mowday
University of Oregon
51st President (1996)
BS, San Jose State University
MS, PhD, University of California, Irvine 

mary_glinowMary Ann Y. Von Glinow
Florida International University
50th President (1995)
BA, Bradley University
MA, MBA, PhD, Ohio State University

GregOldham-newGreg R. Oldham
University of Illinois
49th President (1994)
BA, University of California, Irvine
PhD, Yale University

Donald_HambrickDonald C. (Don) Hambrick
Columbia University
48th President (1993)
BS, University of Colorado
MBA, Harvard University
PhD, Pennsylvania State University

Raymon_Aldag_2Ramon J. (Ray) Aldag
University of Wisconsin
47th President (1992)
BS, MBA, PhD, Michigan State University

Janice_Beyer-newJanice M. (Jan) Beyer
University of Texas at Austin
46th President (1991)
MBUS, University of Wisconsin
MS, PhD, Cornell University

steven_kerr-newSteven (Steve) Kerr
University of Southern California
45th President (1990)
BA, Hunter College
PhD, City University of New York

Arthur G. (Art) Bedeian
Louisiana State University
44th President (1989)
BBA, University of Iowa
MBA, University of Memphis
DBA, Mississippi State University

don_hellriegel-newDon Hellriegel
Texas A&M University
43rd President (1988)
BSBA, MBA, Kent State University
PhD, University of Washington

Richard M. (Rick) Steers
University of Oregon
42nd President (1987)
BA, Whittier College
MBA, University of Southern California
PhD, University of California, Irvine

fred_luthans-newFred Luthans
University of Nebraska
41st President (1986)
BA, MBA, PhD, University of Iowa

kathryn_bartrol-newKathryn M. (Kay) Bartol
University of Maryland
40th President (1985)
BA, Mary Grove College
MA, University of Michigan
PhD, Michigan State University

john_slocum-newJohn W. Slocum, Jr.
Southern Methodist University
39th President (1984)
BBA, Westminster College
MBA, Kent State University
PhD, University of Washington

duncan-learRobert B. (Bob) Duncan
Northwestern University
38th President (1983)
BA, MA, Indiana University
PhD, Yale University

max_worlmanMax S. Wortman, Jr.
University of Tennessee
37th President (1982)
BS, Iowa State University
PhD, University of Minnesota

Cummings-newLarry L. Cummings
University of Wisconsin
36th President (1981)
AB, Wabash College
MBA, DBA, Indiana University

Glueck-newWilliam F. (Bill) Glueck
University of Georgia
35th President (1980)
BS, MBA, Xavier University (Cincinnati)
PhD, Michigan State University

Pledger-newRosemary Pledger
University of Houston at Clear Lake
34th President (1979)
BA, Harding College
MS, University of Arkansas
DBA, Texas Tech University

john_miner-newJohn B. (Jack) Miner
Georgia State University
33rd President (1978)
AB, Princeton University
MA, Clark University
PhD, Princeton University

monty_kast-newFremont E. (Monty) Kast
University of Washington
32nd President (1977)
BA, San Jose State University
MBA, Stanford University
PhD, University of Washington

stan_vance-newStanley C. (Stan) Vance
University of Tennessee
31st President (1976)
AB, St. Charles College
MA, PhD, University of Pennsylvania

herb_hicks-newHerbert G. (Herb) Hicks
Louisiana State University
30th President (1975)
BCE, Georgia Tech University
MBA, PhD, University of Alabama

lyman_porter-newLyman W. (Port) Porter
University of California
29th President (1974)
BA, Northwestern University
PhD, Yale University

Charles_SummerCharles E. (Charlie) Summer, Jr.
University of Washington
28th President (1973)
BA, College of William & Mary
MBA, University of Pennsylvania
PhD, Columbia University

SteinerGeorge A. Steiner
University of California at Los Angeles
27th President (1972)
BSC, Temple University
MA, University of Pennsylvania
PhD, University of Illinois

bill_wolfWilliam G. (Bill) Wolf
Cornell University
26th President (1971)
AB, University of California, Berkeley
MBA, Northwestern University
PhD, University of Chicago

Joseph A. (Joe) Litterer
University of Massachusetts
25th President (1970)
BS, Drexel University
MBA, PhD, University of Illinois

paul_gordonPaul J. Gordon
Indiana University
24th President (1969)
BBA, City University of New York
MBA, Cornell University
PhD, Syracuse University

Ernest-DaleErnest (Ernie) Dale
University of Pennsylvania
23rd President (1968)
BA, MA, Cambridge University
MA, PhD, Yale University

Max_RichardsMax D. Richards
Pennsylvania State University
22nd President (1967)
MBA, Harvard University
PhD, University of Illinois

LeBretinPreston P. (Pres) Le Breton
University of Washington
21st President (1966)
BS, Louisiana State University
MBA, PhD, University of Illinois

McfarlandDalton E. (Dalt) McFarland
Michigan State University
20th President (1965)
BS, Western Michigan University
MBA, University of Chicago
PhD, Cornell University

keith_davisKeith Davis
Arizona State University
19th President (1964)
BBA, University of Texas
MBA, PhD, Ohio State University

KoontzHarold D. Koontz
University of California at Los Angeles
18th President (1963)
AB, Oberlin College
MBA, Northwestern University
PhD, Yale University

SmiddyHarold F. Smiddy
General Electric Company
17th President (1962)
BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

George R. Terry
Northwestern University
16th President (1961)
CE, University of Cincinnati
MBA, PhD, Northwestern University

TowleJoseph W. (Joe) Towle
Washington University
15th President (1960)
AB, Lehigh University
MBA, PhD, Northwestern University

mandevilleMerten J. (Mandy) Mandeville
University of Illinois
14th President (1959)
BS, MS, PhD, University of Illinois

GoetzBilly E. Goetz
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
13th President (1958)
PhB, PhD, University of Chicago

Alvin M. Brown
Johns-Manville Corporation
12th President (1957)
AB, LLB, George Washington University

FranklinMooreFranklin G. (Frank) Moore
University of Michigan
11th President (1956)
BS, MS, PhD, Ohio State University

SchumanRonald B. (Ron) Shuman
University of Oklahoma
10th President (1955)
BA, Hamline University
MA, PhD, University of Minnesota

spiegelWilliam R. (Jack) Spriegel
University of Texas
9th President (1954)
AB, Lebanon University
BS, MA, PhD, University of Michigan

Franklin E. (Frank) Folts
Harvard University
8th President (1953)
AB, MBA, University of Oregon

meeJohn F. Mee
Indiana University
7th President (1952)
AB, Miami University
AM, University of Maine
PhD, Ohio State University

bill_newmanWilliam H. (Bill) Newman
Columbia University
6th President (1951)
AB, Friends University
PhD, University of Chicago

JuciusMichael J. (Mike) Jucius
Ohio State University
5th President (1950)
PhB, MA, PhD, University of Chicago

SchellErwin H. Schell
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
4th President (1949)
SB, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ralph C. Davis
Ohio State University
3rd President (1948)
ME, Cornell University
MA, Ohio State University

Robert P. (Bob) Brecht
University of Pennsylvania
2nd President (1941)
BS, AM, PhD, University of Pennsylvania

JamisonCharles L. (Charlie) Jamison
University of Michigan
1st President (Founder, 1936)
AB, University of Wisconsin
MA, PhD, University of Chicago

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