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Academy of Management Review (AMR) is a theory development journal for global management and organization scholars. AMR publishes novel, insightful and carefully crafted conceptual articles that challenge conventional wisdom concerning all aspects of organizations and their role in society. AMR is particularly interested in interesting and important theoretical advances that incorporate thought from multiple disciplines or areas within management.

AMR also publishes Review Essays and Dialogues. Review Essays provide scholars and practitioners the opportunity to share how the arts and wide varieties of scholarly literature inspire their scholarship as it relates to management theory, research, education or practice. The Dialogues section is a forum for readers who wish to briefly comment on a recently-accepted article in AMR.

See below for general submission requirements and for specific requirements and guidelines for each type of submission to be considered for publication: Articles, Review Essays, and Dialogues.

Submission Requirements

When authors submit their manuscript to AMR for publication consideration, they agree to abide by AMR's publication requirements. Specifically, an author must:

  • Agree that the manuscript is not under review for publication elsewhere and will not be submitted to another publication entity during the review period at AMR;
  • Confirm that the manuscript has not previously been submitted to AMR for review (submission of a manuscript previously published in the Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings is acceptable; similarly, prior presentation at a conference or concurrent consideration for presentation at a conference does not disqualify a manuscript from submission to AMR); and
  • Agree that working papers, prior drafts, and/or final versions of submitted manuscripts that are posted on a website (e.g., personal, departmental, university, or working series site) will be taken down during the review process.

Submission of a manuscript to the AMR also carries an implicit quid pro quo: willingness to review for AMR. The cornerstone of the editorial process at AMR is the willingness of colleagues to provide each other feedback through peer review. Authors who submit manuscripts to AMR for review are expected to reciprocate by reviewing for AMR if called upon to do so.

Any article, review essay or dialogue submission to AMR should be prepared according to the AOM Style Style Guide for Authors for Authors (with any exceptions noted below). To submit a manuscript, ensure that you have a Word file from which the title page and that all author-identifying references have been removed. Then go to the submission site at Manuscript Central and follow the directions. Acknowledgments of others' help in preparing the paper for submission should be included in the cover letter as part of the web-based submission process.


View AOM’s Ethics policy page, which includes our Code of Ethics and detailed procedures and inquiry requests.

For more information, contact


AMR articles advance theory in the area of management and organizations through developing new theories, significantly challenging current theory, synthesizing recent advances and ideas into current theory, initiating a search for new theory by pointing out and carefully delineating a novel type of problem, or crafting ways to improve the process of theory development. They should also explicitly and persuasively present the research implications of their work.

Contributors will find AMR open to many different formats and styles of presentation. Formal research propositions are not required. For all articles, a contribution-to-length ratio will be assessed, so contributors should carefully consider the length of their submission in such light. AMR publishes articles. As a general guide, your paper should be about 25–30 double-spaced pages, excluding references, tables, and figures. Authors should also explicitly and persuasively present the research implications of their work.

Review Essays: Book Reviews and Beyond

Review Essays provide the opportunity for scholars and practitioners in our community to share how the arts (very broadly speaking) and wide varieties of scholarly literature inspire their scholarship as it relates to management theory, research, education or practice.

Kindly note that submission of a Review Essay does not guarantee final acceptance of the review essay. Review Essay submissions will undergo an editorial review.

With your submission, please include a cover letter that addresses each of the following questions:

  • What is the primary intellectual theme you wish to explore? Why is this theme important for AMR in particular?
  • What work are you reviewing (e.g., particular books, films, your own or other artwork, media)? What is the significance of these materials?
  • How does what you are reviewing illuminate your primary intellectual theme?
  • What will be the important implications of your review essay for management theory, research, practice, or education?

Review Essays should be no longer than 30 pages inclusive of references, figures, and other materials.

Recommended reading: Jean M. Bartunek and Belle Rose Ragins, “Extending a Provocative Tradition: Book Reviews and Beyond at AMR.


Dialogues foster dialogue and advance scholarship within our scientific community. Dialogues briefly comment on a recently-accepted article in AMR. Dialogues are not just opinions or editorials; they need to make a substantive contribution in moving the field forward. Dialogues should do more than just identify assumptions or shortcomings in an article; they should take the next step in offering constructive ways to address the limitations. They also need to be constructive in tone and written in ways that are accessible to the average AMR reader.

Dialogues can comment on In-Press articles only, and they must be submitted within three months of the online publication date of that article on the AMR In-Press site. (Dialogue comments are not accepted after an article is published in an issue.) If a submission is accepted, the author(s) of the initial publication will be asked to respond.

Dialogue submissions should not exceed three double-spaced manuscript pages, excluding references. Please note that an abstract should not be included in the submission. Dialogue submissions will undergo an editorial review

The original article title and authors must be included in the Dialogue title. That is, a Dialogue submission’s title should consist of a short original title followed by a single subtitle that includes the original paper’s author(s) and title (e.g., Surviving to long-term thriving through augmented entrepreneurial resourcefulness: An extension to Jeffrey McMullen’s “Real growth through entrepreneurial resourcefulness”). Possible introductions to the subtitle include “A Commentary on” or “A Response to” or “An Extension of” but should not be “A Reply to” as this phrase will be included in the original author(s)’s title of their response to the Dialogue should it be accepted and should those authors choose to provide a reply.

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