Academy of Management Collections

Academy of Management Collections are thematic groups of peer-reviewed research drawn from the AOM journal portfolio. Organized by different content channels and accompanied by an integrative summary, Collections will feature the curation, distribution, and evaluation of scholarly management content. In addition, Collections will highlight scholarly findings across the original works including reflections by the authors and/or subject matter experts.

What are Academy of Management Collections?

The primary goal of Collections is to provide academic space for the creation, dissemination, and review of AOM content that spans the existing AOM journal archive.

View the current collection.

Collections are thematic groups of articles that expand upon journal material to transform how we collect and build upon management knowledge.

Collections increase the scope of collection content to include:

  • Open calls for Collections
  • Collections highlighted through AOM Divisions
  • Editorially guided Invited Collections [from key subject matter experts]

Collections are developed and peer reviewed by the Collections Editor and the respective editorial team of volunteers.

What is the value of Academy of Management Collections?

Collections are organized into specific areas of management research to highlight and expand upon existing content.

Collections provide AOM scholars with the opportunity to broaden the dissemination and outreach of their work beyond the AOM traditional journal channels.

Academy of Management Collections will expand the scope of archived content to bring research ”back into the fold."



Call for Submissions: Academy of Management Collections

Interested in publishing an Academy of Management Collections? Curate a volume: an original essay tied to 10-20 articles selected from the AOM archive. See the full submission guidelines.