Registration and Attendance 

Registration for the 80th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management is now closed.

Registration for the 81st Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM 2021) will open in mid 2021.

Registration Fees

All attendees participating in any session, event, meeting, or workshop, including presenters, AOM members, invited guests, chairs, discussants, facilitators, and speakers must be registered to attend.

  • The Academic / Executive fee is $200 USD
  • The Student / Emeritus fee is $100 USD
  • Attendees must have a current AOM membership valid through 31 August 2020

Important Dates

  • Participate through 31 August
    • Sessions are open for commenting in the Chat tab of each session. Take advantage of this time to ask the presenters questions and learn from what others have posted.
    • Answer session polls to provide feedback to the presenters.
    • Visit Member Resources to learn more about your AOM member benefits.
  • Explore through 31 October
    • View all sessions on demand, read through chat comments, and explore supplemental materials.
    • Explore Divisions and Interest Groups to see sessions highlights and discover new DIGs that may be of interest to you.
    • Visit Career Services to see employer presentations or browse open positions on the Career Services website.
  • Registration for AOM 2021 will open in mid 2021.

Registration Payment

We accept credit card payment in the form of American Express, Mastercard, and Visa.

We accept credit card payment through the online registration system only. In order to follow the PCI compliance guidelines, and to protect the security of your personal financial information, we will not accept credit card payment via e-mail or e-mail attachments.

We do not accept or accommodate purchase orders or wire transfers.

How Do I Cancel My Registration?

To cancel registration for any reason a cancellation request must be submitted by the registrant, in writing to the Academy of Management before the posted cancellation deadline. After this date, refunds cannot be granted due to contractual obligations and guarantees.

Cancellation Form

Refund of registration fees required completion of the Registration Cancellation Form by 23 July 2020. We are now not able to issue refunds. For information, e-mail:

The PhD Project

The PhD Project was founded upon the premise that advancements in workplace diversity could be propelled forward by increasing the diversity of business school faculty. Today, our expansive network of supporters, sponsors and universities helps African Americans, Hispanic-Americans and Native Americans attain their business PhD and become the business professors who will mentor the next generation of leaders. If you are a student affiliated with The PhD Project who would like to register for the 2021 AOM Annual Meeting, or would like to learn more about the PhD Project Association, please contact Myrna Varner at

AOM Participant Scam Alert

It has been brought to our attention that scam artists, fraudulent companies, and vendors not contracted by the AOM have been targeting exhibitors and participants. Be careful of emails posing as vendors or offering attendee information for the event. Some scams include housing, directory listings, and onsite services.

If you are contacted by any outside company you find suspicious, please contact AOM at immediately, and if possible include any e-mail communication you received from this vendor so that we can immediately act on the malicious behavior.


Are you a renewing member experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19?