Goal 3: Advancing Knowledge

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Goal Three details: Journals | Insights

AOM is fundamentally advancing knowledge creation and content dissemination for greater relevancy and impact on a diverse set of stakeholders and institutions around the world.

What does that mean for the broader community of scholars, the field of management, and the general public?

The Academy publishes top-rated peer-reviewed Publications with authoritative and diverse management research findings. 

In 2022, lifted and supported by the immeasurable contributions and dedication of our volunteer community, AOM content engaged external audiences, including the global business community and global media. 


At the Academy, our devoted volunteers—editors, associate editors, reviewers, and editorial review board members—collaborate to advance knowledge creation and content dissemination for greater global relevancy and impact.

Academy of Management Insights

The Academy publishes content for managers and business leaders through Insights, which transforms scholarly AOM journal articles into easy-to-read online summaries and engaging videos and infographics. Insights’ get-right-to-the-point format transforms peer-reviewed management research from the world’s top scholars into actionable evidence for the workplace.

In 2022, the Academy partnered with the New York Times, signing a content licensing agreement. The partnership enables the NYTLicensing unit to sell Insights content to media and business clients around the world. With this agreement, Insights joins a notable list of NYTLicensing content providers, including Harvard Business Review, The Economist, Scientific American, Science Times, Slate, Richard Branson, DealBook, and Scholastic. The agreement will further expand awareness around Insights, and of course, AOM journals and authors. It represents the biggest step for Insights since its launch to AOM members at the 2018 Annual Meeting in Chicago and the January 2021 press release unveiling Insights to the public.

Top 10 Most-Read Insights Summaries in 2022

  1. 15 Signs You Work with a Narcissist, Machiavellian, or Psychopath
  2. Women Who Cry at Work Need to Know These Five Things
  3. Blame Cronyism, Not Capitalism
  4. Anti-“Woke” Diversity Strategies
  5. Remote Workers: Ditch the Office Attire and Zoom Mullets
  6. Rebuilding Business Schools to Benefit Society
  7. Are We Ignoring Signs of Our Civilization’s Collapse?
  8. Virtual Work Offers Pros and Cons for Women’s Careers
  9. How to Beat a Little-Known Bias that Plagues Problem-Solvers
  10. Bureaucracy: The Necessity We Love to Hate
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