AOM Scholars On… Conflict Management Best Practices in the Workplace

28 Feb 2023
The workplace has undergone accelerated changes in recent years. How can organizations and leaders best manage conflict management in these changing environments?


Watch the recording of AOM Scholar panel on Conflict Management
20 September 2023

The workplace has undergone accelerated changes in recent years, including changing working environments due to the pandemic, mass layoffs, employer-employee conflict and the rise of labor movements, manager – managee conflict, “quiet quitting”, worker burnout, new workplace technologies that are rapidly advancing, and more. How can organizations and leaders best manage conflict management in these changing environments? 

Join AOM Scholars as they share their expertise and research-based insights for a discussion on these topics.  

This panel will provide research-based actionable insights on conflict management best practices in the workplace and on how organizations and business leaders can lead teams with good communication, transparency and understanding.  

Specific topics include: 

  • Conflict management in hybrid and global teams, including the types of conflicts that arise and how to efficiently resolve them and rebuild employee trust.  
  • The ways in which current social and political movements impact employee engagement and collaboration with tips for managers on how to navigate any conflicts that arise. 
  • Innovations in conflict management and leader communication. 
  • How diverse teams can embrace differences and emerge stronger, and how this can benefit a business’s bottom line. 
  • The role of empathy and moral leadership in organizations, and how to foster such virtues throughout an organization to best manage conflict in a productive fashion. 
  • After reviewing 2023’s biggest workplace trends and stories regarding conflict management, what advice scholars have for leaders and organizations as they prepare for 2024.

This panel is AOM’s eleventh Subject Matter Expert Panel in the “AOM Scholars On…” series that provides actionable, research-based insights to the most pressing issues facing organizations and workers globally.  

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Panel Moderator

Allison Elias, University of Virginia

Allison Elias teaches courses about communication, negotiation, and gender in Darden's MBA and EMBA programs. Her research investigates historical and contemporary issues of gender and diversity in organizations, with a focus on the influence of social movements on corporate practices. Her forthcoming book (History of U.S. Capitalism series, Columbia University Press), at the intersection history and management studies, charts the trajectory of modern feminism at work through the lens of the secretarial profession. She is a nominee for the 2022 Outstanding Faculty Award at Darden.

Before coming to Darden, Elias taught at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania; the Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University; the SC Johnson College of Business, Cornell University; and the ILR School, Cornell University.



Sleesman, Dustin_1000x1000

Dustin Sleesman, University of Delaware

Dustin J. Sleesman studies behavior in organizations from multiple perspectives. First, his research examines how people become committed to decisions and projects, and how they can even be overly attached and unwilling to adapt when change is needed. Second, he studies negotiation and conflict resolution. Most of his work in this area emphasizes the influence of thoughts and perceptions. Lastly, his research focuses on how to create the conditions for team effectiveness, such as understanding the important role of leadership, motivation and information sharing among members.

Dustin's research has been published in leading academic journals, including Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Annals, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, The Leadership Quarterly, and Journal of Applied Psychology. His research has also been cited in media outlets, such as Forbes, HuffPost, MIT Sloan Management Review, The European Business Review, National Affairs, Philanthropy Journal, La Tercera, Delaware Public Radio, WDPN-TV Wilmington/Philadelphia, and Cheddar TV.