Joint AMR and Annals Idea Development Workshop, Australia

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Joint in-person workshop. Submission deadline: 1 May 2023.


In-person joint workshop hosted by University of Sydney, Australia

Location TBD
Friday, 19 May 2023


  • Sherry Thatcher, Editor-in-Chief, Academy of Management Review
  • Elizabeth George, Editor-in-Chief, Academy of Management Annals

Purpose and Agenda

This session is geared toward all scholars (PhD students, junior and senior scholars) who are interested in publishing in AMR and the Annals. Editors of both journals have noticed that some submissions come to their journals that would better fit with the other journal. In this joint talk, we aim to give potential authors information about both journals to help them determine the best fit for their ideas, and to help them understand the characteristics of well-crafted ideas and proposals suitable for eventual submission to AMR and the Annals.

9:30-10:00      Publishing in AOM Journals
10:00-11:00    Publishing in Annals talk and Q&A
11:00-11:30    Coffee break
11:30-12:30    Publishing in AMR talk and Q&A
12:30-13:30    Lunch/Networking
12:30-15:00    Discussion of ideas with editors (15 minutes session per author)

The editors will, in their talks, provide general information about publishing in their journals, such as what makes a successful paper, the main reasons that papers are rejected, and strategies for addressing the core challenges that editors and reviewers see in rejected papers.

The editors will meet individually with up to 6 individuals or teams to discuss potential ideas that authors have for submission to either journal.


If you are interested in discussing your paper with the editors,  you should prepare a 2-3 page (double-spaced) abstract of your conceptual/theoretical idea. We include some suggested readings that might be helpful to you in shaping your ideas.  


  • Thatcher, S.M.B. & Fisher, G. 2022. From the Editors: The nuts and bolts of writing a theory paper: A practical guide to getting started. Academy of Management Review, 47(1): 1-8.
  • Campbell, J.T. & Aguilera, R.V. 2022. From the Editor: Why I rejected your paper: Common pitfalls in writing theory papers and how to avoid them. Academy of Management Review, 47(4).
  • Cronin, M. A., & George, E. (2023. The Why and How of the Integrative Review. Organizational Research Methods, 26(1), 168–192. 

Registration Information:

All individuals seeking feedback on ideas should submit their abstracts by 1 May 2023.

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