Call for Submissions: AMD Discoveries-through-Prose

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Discoveries-through-Prose invites submissions of nontraditional manuscripts that provide a riveting narrative and directly connect to management and organizational research.

In recent years, management scholars have noted—and lamented—the absence of engaging writing in our field (e.g., Alvesson & Gabriel, 2013; Caulley, 2008; Dane, 2011; Dane & Rockmann, 2021; Tourish, 2020). Among other problems, this lack of engaging writing limits our ability to effectively engage a variety of audiences, thus inhibiting the reach of our work. AMD has launched

Discoveries-through-Prose to address this area for improvement in management scholarship.

The goal of Discoveries-through-Prose is to empower authors to craft their manuscripts in non-traditional ways that make for tighter, more engaging narratives. Narratives in peer-review papers are often fragmented or underdeveloped. Consider the following observation by a science writer, concerning the typical experience of engaging with academic work: 

One lesson I’ve learned is that it can take work to piece together the story underlying a paper. If I call scientists and simply ask them to tell me about what they’ve done, they can offer me a riveting narrative of intellectual exploration. But on the page, we readers have to assemble the story for ourselves. (Zimmer, 2020)

In writing for Discoveries-through-Prose, you can—and should—provide a riveting narrative. Your story should speak for itself, so that “no assembly is required” by the reader.

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