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The mission of Academy of Management Learning & Education (AMLE) is to contribute to management learning and education by publishing theory, empirical research, reviews, critiques, and resources that address the processes of management teaching and the learning that results from it. Additionally, AMLE publishes work that addresses important issues in the institutional environment and administration of business schools and their stakeholders. The journal’s emphasis is on the study of management learning and education in all types of settings—schools and universities as well as businesses and public and non-profit organizations.

New Outreach Initiative at AMLE

27 Jun 2023
AMLE is delighted to introduce “Talk to the Editor” online sessions designed as feedback opportunities on full paper drafts for prospective authors.

Talk to the Editor” online sessions 

In addition to regular Paper Development Workshops (PDWs) organized across the globe, AMLE is delighted to introduce “Talk to the Editor” online sessions designed as feedback opportunities on full paper drafts for prospective authors in-between scheduled PDWs. From July 2023 onward, every month, authors of two different papers will have the opportunity to discuss their work in a 30-minute video call with a member of the AMLE editorial team at a time of mutual convenience. To help maximize authors’ benefits from these sessions, potential papers to be discussed are required to comply with the following expectations:

1. Only full papers/essays complying with the aim and scope of AMLE are eligible, and all submissions must comply with the AMLE Style Guide for Authors, including the length limit for the submission type. Papers previously rejected by AMLE are not eligible for consideration. Proposals for special issues are not eligible for discussion in these online sessions.

2. Preference will be given to papers scheduled for or already presented at a conference that involves peer-review (including, but not restricted to, AOM, EGOS, BAM, and ANZAM).

3. Where applicable, we strongly encourage that interested authors solicit a “friendly” (but critical) review from colleagues and incorporate any feedback before submitting the paper for the online session.

4. Formal submission to AMLE should take place after the video call to enable authors to maximize their benefits from the feedback session. Note that benefitting from the video call with an editor implies the commitment that the paper will be submitted to AMLE.

Interested authors can submit their requests and papers to Associate Editor Laura Colombo. In your email, you should:

  • confirm that your paper addresses point (1) above,
  • state which conference your work was accepted for in connection with point (2),
  • and if your work has had a “friendly” review (point (3), you should state who conducted this for you.

If the paper is accepted for a discussion meeting, Dr. Colombo will inform authors in which month the online meeting will take place, and which editor is assigned for the discussion. Authors of papers accepted for the feedback sessions are responsible to schedule with the editor a session at a time of mutual convenience. Authors wishing to withdraw the papers for consideration must notify the Associate Editor immediately, so that the slot can be allocated to another paper.

A waiting list will be compiled on a first-come, first-served basis to manage the virtual meetings. AMLE will monitor closely how this NEW initiative is taken up by prospective authors. We reserve the right to decline papers if the interest outgrows resources available. Finally, please note that submitting the paper for consideration at the “Talk to the Editor” online session, and later as an official journal submission to AMLE, does not guarantee publication. All papers will undergo a rigorous double-blind peer-review process at AMLE that informs editorial decision-making. 

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Speaker at AMLE PDW UK 2023

AMLE Impact Event at Bayes Business School (UK)

Watch the keynote speeches from the “TACKLING CHALLENGING MANAGEMENT (EDUCATION) PROBLEMS THROUGH RESEARCH” AMLE Impact event, which showcased pathways through which researcher engagement with wider stakeholders can improve practice at work and/or in management education. The event included keynote speeches by Andrew Hill (FT), Elizabeth Heichler (MIT SMR) and Professor André Spicer contributed a “Dean’s” perspective on impact to the event.


AMLE Calls, Events, and Updates


AMLE Call for Special Issue Proposals

Submission deadline: August 1 2024 for AMLE special issue proposals for publication in 2027. AMLE will select one special issue for each year.

Joint AMLE and AMP Paper Development Workshop, Brazil

Joint in-person workshop in Florianópolis, Brazil held in conjunction with EnANPAD. Extended abstract and commitment to attend is required for all participants. Submission deadline: 2 August

AMLE Paper Development Workshop, Australia

In-person workshop at The University of Melbourne, Australia. Extended abstract or full paper and registration required. Submission deadline: 30 September 2024

Joint Annals and AMLE Idea Development Workshop, Denmark

Joint in-person workshop in Copenhagen. Registration, submission of an extended abstract, and commitment to attend is required for all participants. Submission deadline: 1 October 2024

AMLE Call for Special Issue Papers: Building Theory on Leadership Development

Building Theory on Leadership Development. Submission deadline: 15 December 2024. Scheduled for publication September 2026.

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