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Fast Company: The office as you know it is gone

28 Jul 2020
People like flexible work schedules. Plus, the tangible benefits of contemporary offices—socialization, physical proximity to colleagues—don’t require workers to go to the office every day from 9 to 5.

Originally found at Fast Company, by Beth Humberd, Scott Latham, and Deborah Salon.

The future of the office has become an open question after the coronavirus lockdown forced tens of millions of Americans to work from home. Will office workers flock back to their cubicles and water coolers when the pandemic ends? Or will employees want to hold on to their newfound freedom and flexibility, while employers eye the lower costs of the lack of a physical footprint? At least a few companies have already answered this question: Twitter, for example, says most of its employees can continue working from home forever, making the office merely a place to meet clients. We asked three scholars to weigh in on the future of the office.

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