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Forbes: Why You Need Humility To Lead Through Change

22 Sep 2020
A study published in the Academy of Management Journal found that a shared sense of humility or collective psyche has added value because it fosters an environment of learning that emphasizes improvement and evolution.

Originally found at Forbes, by Arathi Ramappa.

You always hear about how things need to change. People don’t like change but, as with our personal lives, change is necessary for our organizations to adjust, evolve and move forward. To bring about change, leaders everywhere are executing plans to adapt to these shifting times.  

The focus is on strategy, but those in charge forget to look at themselves and how they lead. Their leadership style has a significant impact on the strategies they oversee. If they’re not showing humility, they aren’t being genuine and they’re missing opportunities to improve the success of the changes they want to accomplish. 

It’s a common misconception that showing humility will make you an ineffective leader. In my experience, humble leaders make more informed decisions, create high performing teams and increase employee engagement. These outcomes are crucial to implementing change within organizations. Let’s take a closer look at how leading with humility creates the conditions that generate better results when executing change. 

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