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Fast Company: Five Fun Ways to Build Trust

11 Jan 2021
When employees participate in watercooler talk, it enhances their productivity and sense of belonging, according to a recent study published in Academy of Management Journal.

Originally found at Fast Company, by Jessica Thiefels.

As employers scrambled to pivot their teams to remote work during the pandemic, a number of employees reported losing the sense of connection, relationship, and cultural values they used to have on-site, according to a Gallup survey.

In fact, employees who worked in a different location than their manager were 10% less likely to feel cared about or recognized for their contributions, 7% less likely to feel aligned with the core mission, and 5% less likely to feel their opinions matter.

What’s more, according to TinyPulse, while 91% of employees rate their colleagues on a positive scale, just over a third (36%) describe their company’s team-building efforts as “poor” and 30% reveal they don’t have much fun at work.

Not only do you need to build trust with your remote employees—especially as a new manager who is still learning the team dynamics—but now is a great time to make it fun. Use these ideas to keep things light while connecting more deeply as a team.

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