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Business Insider: Supporting the opinions of colleagues leads to career advancement... revealed in the latest research

21 Oct 2021
Studies have shown that supporting a colleague's ideas can lead to career advancement not only for you, but for your colleagues as well.

Originally found at the Japanese edition of Business Insider by Stephen Jones

According to a recently published research paper, supporting a colleague's idea rather than your own may help you advance your career.

A survey of about 2,800 people found that those who visibly praised their colleagues were praised and seen as influential by their colleagues . According to researchers, there were benefits to those who supported their ideas.

In contrast, the co-author of the paper said that people who appealed to their work were not liked.

Kristin Bain, an assistant professor of business administration at the Rochester Institute of Technology's Saunders College of Business, said the findings turned out to be "aggressive dislikes" to get ahead at work. He told Insider that he didn't have to be.

She also suggests that supporting the work of others can increase the attention of groups that are often overlooked in organizations, such as women and people of color . ..

In this study , published in the journal Academy of Management Journal, researchers "amplify" (here, recognizing their achievements and publicizing their ideas. I wanted to understand how (supporting) affects people's perceptions in the workplace.

The research team conducted three surveys of 2,760 participants in the United States. One of them is to have people observe a gradual business meeting where an idea proposed by a person is initially ignored and then picked up again by a colleague.

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