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Institute for the Future of Education: Assessment for Better Teaching - Teachers Need Attention Too!

16 May 2022
At the end of each semester, the teacher's evaluation is an event feared by many as a form of judgment day, but this does not have to continue to be the case.

Originally found at Institute for the Future of Education by Helen Hendaria Kamandhari and Silvia Lavandera Ponce

In higher education, we have become accustomed to assessing learning and analyzing outcomes. The irony is that the faculty's teaching performance is usually revisited only at the end of the term with broad classifications of mediocre, above average, or excellent teaching. This habitual categorization denies us an in-depth understanding of the teaching faculty's challenges when designing their courses and assessments. 

We often think that teachers will always remain great once they are rated as excellent in their performance evaluation. Nonetheless, such is not the fact. We must remember that teaching and learning are dynamic activities involving various stakeholders and require continuous checks on quality (re-)assurance (Mitchel et al., 1997; Cheng, 2016). Our institutions need to question and reflect on the broad assessment of faculty performance to avoid the trap of comfort with simple categorization and help their teachers genuinely work toward excellence.

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