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Government Executive: The Pendulum Shifts Toward Workers

22 Jul 2022
Wharton's Stephanie Creary joins the podcast to discuss the management-labor dynamic emerging from the pandemic period.

Originally found at Government Executive

The last few years have seen a new labor and management environment wherein organizations and workers are navigating a changing power dynamic. In some instances, workers have wielded more agency. Organizations and workers are experiencing this pendulum shift in different ways and can certainly come away with different conclusions.

Stephanie Creary is an organizational behavior scholar and assistant professor of management at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Her research is focused on understanding how to create more inclusive and equitable workplaces and organizations. She leads the Leading Diversity@Wharton Speaker Series and hosts the Knowledge@Wharton Leading Diversity at Work Podcast Series. She recently moderated an Academy of Management panel titled “The Pendulum Shift Toward the Worker.” She joined the podcast to discuss the change in the employee/employer relationships.

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