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Business Insider: We Live in the Era of Salary Transparency. But Finding Out What a Job Really Pays is Harder Than Ever

27 Dec 2022
A growing number of cities and states have pay-transparency laws on the books, but finding out what a job really pays is not always straightforward.

Originally found at Business Insider

New York, Nevada, Colorado, and Connecticut already have laws that require organizations to advertise a pay range for open positions up-front. California's law will take effect next year. Yet Bloomberg reporting suggests that these laws are ineffective. Some organizations post artificially low pay bands both to keep wages from rising and to avoid existing employees discovering they're underpaid, according to Bloomberg.

"It's sometimes hard to get a number," Linda VanDeventer, the VP of the compensation and career-strategies practice at Segal, a consulting firm focused on HR and employee benefits, told Insider. "There's a wide range of pay out there for a given position and it depends on a combination of the organization's compensation philosophy, the type of job itself, and supply and demand of labor in the market."

So, how can jobseekers uncover what organizations pay? The key, experts said, is to do as much homework as you possibly can about the company's pay and benefits, then be patient with the process as you await an official job offer. After all, the power dynamic shifts considerably once the hiring manager has decided that you're the leading candidate.

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