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Entrepreneur: The key to developing more informed and inclusive DEI marketing strategies

25 Sep 2023
Discussing the complexities of identity and expertise in DEI marketing and how to avoid the potential cultural and legal pitfalls.

Originally found at HR Brew

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) have moved beyond trendy terms to become vital pillars of modern-day business models and marketing strategies that can truly move the needle. Many companies have recognized its importance, with 80% of United States employers having DEI strategies underway.

Yet, there's room to strengthen the impact of these initiatives. One way to do this is by understanding that while individual diversity is invaluable, it doesn't automatically confer specialized expertise in DEI. Recognizing this difference creates an opportunity for companies to refine their DEI marketing strategies to be more inclusive and informed, laying the groundwork for impactful campaigns in the future.

...Tokenism: The shortcut that falls short

The assumption that every diverse employee is a walking DEI manual leads to tokenism, a cosmetic approach to diversity that does more harm than good. Not only is this ethically problematic, but it also can hinder business performance. According to an analysis of over 80 studies spanning 25 years published in the Academy of Management Perspectives, tokenism can have a negative impact on individual and business performance.

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