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AMP publishes 'Doomsday' issue

09 Dec 2020
This issue considers crises that impact the economy, business operations, and workplace dynamics.

The Academy of Management, the largest global organization devoted to management and organization research, has released its first-ever multimedia Academy of Management Perspectives (AMP) issue focused on ‘Doomsday’ scenarios.

This special issueconceived in 2018, focuses on world-changing events, crises, and related catastrophic scenarios and their consequences for organizations, managers, and business leaders.

AMP Editor Phillip H. Phan from John Hopkins University, who led the development and publishing of the issue, explained the special issue’s focus further.

“Crises impact the economy, force rapid changes in business operations, alter workplace dynamics and worker relationships. The COVID-19 pandemic, which spread as this special issue was being developed, has presciently raised this special issue’s topical importance and revealed what researchers got right and wrong in examining such similar global forces.”

This special issue covers subjects including:

  • How teams and organizations might work in a hypothetical zombie apocalypse.
  • Implications of organized violence during social strife.
  • How businesses and organizations can play a role in disease pandemics and developing effective antibiotic resistance treatments.
  • Implications of the global refugee crisis.
  • How fear of mega catastrophes impact would-be entrepreneurs.
  • Predictions and realities of a post-COVID-19 world.

While there have been major crises taking place in the world this year especially, this AOM Doomsday issue offers actionable and insightful research on how individuals, organizations, governments, and others can optimally navigate current and future doomsday or catastrophic crisis scenarios.

Inside the Doomsday AMP Special Issue

For the first time, this issue will feature research across diverse mediums, including:

  • 9 published, peer reviewed scholarly articles.
  • 1 podcast and 2 author audio clips.
  • Insights summaries providing actionable insights summarizing the full published scholarly articles.
  • Insights videos summarizing the research findings.
  • Insights infographic visually presenting research findings in a shareable format for social media and digital mediums.

The Doomsday theme was chosen by the Academy of Management Perspectives editors, specifically editor Phan and associate editor Geoffrey Wood from Western University, Ontario, Canada.

Phan explained the topic’s selection further.

“One of the most overused terms to describe 2020 has been ‘Black Swan.’ Mention Black Swan and many people think of surprising events with world-changing consequences. This special issue coincides with the ‘Black Swan’ year that 2020 has been thus far,” Phan said. “This research unveils how organizations, governments, countries, and teams can optimally work in these ‘doomsday’ or crisis environments, and it is our hope that this research can help improve organizational resilience for when the next crisis surfaces.”

Research on Doomsday and Catastrophic Scenarios

AOM scholar research included in this special issue has been carefully selected by AMP editors who have curated scholarly, peer reviewed research from academic experts in each respected topic.

The following research is featured in the special issue:

  1. Leadership and management lessons learned from a hypothetical zombie apocalypse
    1. AMP article: The Dark Side of Group Behavior: Zombie Apocalypse Lessons
    2. Insights summary: Leadership Lessons for the Zombie Apocalypse
    3. Insights video: Leadership Lessons for the Zombie Apocalypse
  2. Business implications of organized violence during social strife
    1. AMP article: It’s Not just about the Mafia! Conceptualizing Business-Society Relations of Organized Violence
    2. Insights summary: Doomsday Scenarios of Dictators, Chaos, and Civil Wars
  3. Disease pandemics and antibiotic resistance: how communities and organizations can create solutions to COVID-19 type pandemics and be prepared for the next outbreak
    1. AMP article: Joining Forces to Prevent the Antibiotic Resistance Doomsday Scenario
    2. Insights summary: Preventing Another Global Health Crisis: Antibiotic Resistance
    3. AMP article: Managing and Preparing for Emerging Infectious Diseases: Avoiding a Catastrophe
    4. Insights summary: Partnering to Speed COVID-19 Medications
    5. Insights video: Partnering to Speed COVID-19 Medications
  4. The global refugee crisis implications and opportunities for businesses
    1. AMP article: Understanding the Global Refugee Crisis: Managerial Consequences and Policy Implications
    2. Insights summary: Refugees Present Opportunities, Not Problems, for Businesses
    3. Insights infographic: Refugees Present Opportunities, Not Problems, for Businesses
  5. How fear of mega-catastrophes affects would-be entrepreneurs
    1. AMP article: How Fear of ‘Looming Megacatastrophes’ Alters Entrepreneurial Activity Rates through Psychological Distance
    2. Insights summary: Looming Megacatastrophes Scare Off Entrepreneurs
    3. Insights video: Doomsday Scenarios of Dictators, Chaos, and Civil Wars
  6. Research for post-COVID-19 world
    1. AMP article: COVID-19, Societalization and the Future of Business in Society
    2. Insights summary: Three Post-Pandemic Business Scenarios
    3. Insights video: Three Post-Pandemic Business Scenarios
    4. AMP article: Adaptation in the Face of the New Normal

The Academy of Management suggests that organizations, governments, countries, and teams review their research and plan on how to optimally anticipate and manage a variety of crises to minimize unexpected shock and maintain long-term success.

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