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AOM Research and Resources Related to Conflicts and Crises

26 May 2022
AOM has aggregated the following AOM-published research to serve as a resource for navigating these challenging times.

AOM Research

As a trusted resource for peer-reviewed, scholarly management research, the Academy of Management has aggregated the following AOM-published research to serve as a resource for navigating these challenging times. 

Topics include:
  • Leadership and management lessons during a crisis or conflict 
  • Refugees’ impact in the workplace and value for organizations 
  • Supporting employees amid global, regional, and local conflicts or crises 

With conflicts like the Russia/Ukraine war arising and other periods of unrest, this research is intended to provide actionable research-based content to the world’s conflicts as they arise. 

For additional research, resources, or to receive copies of these or other AOM articles, please contact

Leadership and management lessons during a crisis or conflict

A Blessing and a Curse: How CEOs’ Trait Empathy Affects Their Management of Organizational Crises, Academy of Management Review, Andreas König, Lorenz Graf-Vlachy, Jonathan Bundy, and Laura M. Little

Taking Stock of Moral Approaches to Leadership: An Integrative Review of Ethical, Authentic, and Servant Leadership, Academy of Management Annals, G. James Lemoine, Chad A. Hartnell, and Hannes Leroy

Feeling Mixed, Ambivalent, and in Flux: The Social Functions of Emotional Complexity for Leaders, Academy of Management Review, Naomi B. Rothman, and Shimul Melwani

Heavy Is the Head that Wears the Crown: An Actor-centric Approach to Daily Psychological Power, Abusive Leader Behavior, and Perceived Incivility, Academy of Management Journal, Trevor A. Foulk, Klodiana Lanaj, Min-Hsuan Tu, Amir Erez, and Lindy Archambeau

The Dark Side of Group Behavior: Zombie Apocalypse Lessons, Academy of Management Perspectives, Markus Hällgren, and David A. Buchanan

It’s Not Just About the Mafia! Conceptualizing Business–Society Relations of Organized Violence, Academy of Management Perspectives, Steffen Bӧhm, and Stefano Pascucci

Refugees in the Workplace 

Understanding the Global Refugee Crisis: Managerial Consequences and Policy Implications, Academy of Management Perspectives, Grace Chun Guo, Akram Al Ariss, and Chris Brewster

“I” Am Affirmed, but Are “We”? Social Identity Processes Influencing Refugees’ Work Initiative and Community Embeddedness, Academy of Management Journal, John M. Schaubroeck, Ozgur Demirtas, Ann C. Peng, and Dong Pei

The Dynamics of Framing: Image, Emotion, and the European Migration Crisis, Academy of Management Journal, Janina Klein and John M. Amis

Supporting Employees amid Global Crises

When Authoritarian Leaders Outperform Transformational Leaders: Firm Performance in a Harsh Economic Environment, Academy of Management Discoveries, Xu Huang, Erica Xu, Warren Chiu, Catherine Lam, and Jiing-Lih Farh

Giving Commitment: Employee Support Programs and The Prosocial Sensemaking Process, Academy of Management Journal, Adam M. Grant, Jane E. Dutton, and Brent D. Rosso

Corporate Support in the Aftermath of a Natural Disaster: Effects on Employee Strains, Academy of Management Journal, Juan I. Sanchez, William P. Korbin, and Diana M. Viscarra

Flourishing via Workplace Relationships: Moving Beyond Instrumental Support, Academy of Management Journal, Amy E. Colbert, Joyce E. Bono, and Radostina K. Purvanova