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AOM Spotlight: IDWs and PDWs

21 Feb 2023
AOM members and non-members gather at IDW and PDW workshops around the world for guidance and expertise in the development of their manuscripts for potential submission to an Academy of Management journal.


This week, AOM is shining a spotlight on scenes from recent Paper Development Workshops (PDWs) and Idea Development Workshops (IDWs). Over the last year, AOM members and non-members have gathered at workshops in various cities and universities around the world for guidance and expertise in the development of their manuscripts for potential submission to an Academy of Management journal. 

Paper development workshops include roundtable discussions that focus on providing authors with feedback aimed at strengthening and improving their papers and developing well-crafted manuscripts. They also feature general presentations about the individual journal by members of that journal's editorial team.

Idea development workshops are designed to help participants develop great ideas for manuscripts suitable for submission to journals. Like PDWs, IDWs include presentations from members of a journal’s editorial board discussing general information about publishing in a journal. IDWs also feature small group discussions of theory ideas from the participants with personal feedback. 

Attending PDWs and IDWs allows management scholars to connect with peers while receiving personal feedback on their papers and ideas. Both workshops are often geared toward PhD students, junior scholars, senior scholars, and early career researchers. The goal is for scholars to emerge from the workshop with a more polished product than before and an increased sense of community. The workshops are open to all Academy members, as well as non-members.

Learn more about AOM IDWs and PDWs

Read quotes and click to follow social media highlights from attendees over the last year below.



“The roundtable was especially helpful because the participants had the opportunity to receive feedback from multiple sources as well as understand what the strengths and weaknesses of other's works are.”

“The afternoon sessions were incredibly helpful. I can see substantive value in sense checking ideas early in their conception.”

“I have definitely broadened my understanding of what AMR requires for publication and how these requirements could be achieved.”

“I really enjoyed the IDW and the conversational nature of the interactions. The feedback from attendees and Sherry was great and constructive.”

-Workshop Attendees


“Paper development workshops are essential for a strongly growing field like Management Learning & Education. In addition to helping scholars refine their work for submission, these events help us build up a network of committed scholars. With the collaborative support of universities across the globe, AMLE has had recent in-person workshops at (among others): Auckland, Brisbane, Cairns, Gold Coast, Little Rock, Liverpool, Manchester, Maynooth, Melbourne, New Orleans, Oslo, Vienna and Seattle. We have also participated in a multi-journal workshop in Buenos Aires, as well as having an upcoming workshop in Brighton (March) and an exciting 2-day extended workshop with skills development sessions in Reykjavik (May). Sometimes these trips are exhausting! But it’s worth it for the connections we make with interesting scholars, and the opportunity to help them publish exciting and engaging research.”

-Paul Hibbert, AMLE Editor

“This is a great opportunity for community building. These events are what brings us together and creates this community.

We really want to give this opportunity to young scholars in the field, who come in and present their innovative work…and give them tips to improve their chances that reviewers receive their manuscripts favorably, and hopefully get published in the future.”

-Juliane Reinecke, Associate Editor of AMJ