CIO Dive: People-first work culture empowers telework productivity

19 Oct 2020
Businesses with high levels of diversity in upper and lower management achieve higher levels of productivity compared to counterparts, per a June study in the Academy of Management Journal.

Originally found at CIO Dive, by Katie Malone.

With a renewed focus on the importance of putting people first, transitioning workplace culture from the office to the virtual environment helps businesses maintain a digital-ready mindset. 

Humanity at the forefront of workplace culture enables productivity in times of uncertainty, executives from Adobe and Carmax said at a MIT Sloan Digital Learning Series event on Wednesday.

Blurred lines between personal and professional life shape the new telework reality as family interrupts video conferencing and business hours stretch throughout the day. In a time of crisis, an emphasis on understanding employees outside the metaphorical office guides leadership. 

Within Adobe's culture, employee's family and health come first and customers second, said Cynthia Stoddard, SVP and CIO at Adobe."

"You have to work and build a sense of trust with the organization. Live and breathe and share and talk and have an open door, and the culture comes around," said Stoddard.

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