Medium: 23 Daily Habits of Genuinely and Extremely Happy People

08 Dec 2020
A study published in the Academy of Management Journal warns that faking your smile does not work and could worsen your mood.

Originally found at Medium, by Josef Cruz.

45% of our behavior is from habits, according to a Duke University study “Habits―A Repeat Performance.” Habits are the framework of our life and determine our destiny, who we are, and contribute significantly to who we will become.

It is habits that make us happy or miserable.

It’s not because we were born to be happy. Being rich could be, yet not all rich people are happy. Being successful could be, but one research study after another concludes the opposite. It is happiness that is key to success.

How happy and miserable we depend on the habits we have developed, consciously, and unconsciously. The only way to change life is to build habits that enable us to move towards the change we wish to see in our life.

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Patricia B. Barger, Bowling Green State University, Pennsylvania State University

Alicia A. Grandey, Bowling Green State University, Pennsylvania State University