HR Dive: At Fortune 500 Companies, Women Account for a Third of Workers

30 Jun 2021
Results indicate that Fortune 500 firms still have progress to make in order to attract more equitable talent pools, from the standpoint of both gender and racial or ethnic representation.

Originally found at HR Dive, by Ryan Golden.

Women make up just over one-third of the employees at Fortune 500 companies, including 49% of employees at companies in the healthcare and HR sectors, according to data analysis by talent sourcing software firm Talenya.

A majority of Fortune 500 employees, 60%, are White, with Asian, Black or African American, and Hispanic or Latinx workers accounting for 20%, 10% and 10% of all workers, respectively. Black and African American representation was highest among companies in the logistics and supply chain and airlines and aviation services industries.

The analysis found "no significant differences" between racial or ethnic groups with respect to measures of internal mobility within companies, but men in the analysis had a "marginally lower level of mobility compared to women," Talenya said. Consumer goods was the industry with the highest percentage of total mobility for women.


Improving diverse representation in management could have other benefits; a 2020 study published in the Academy of Management Journal found organizations with higher levels of management diversity also achieved higher levels of productivity.

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