CNBC: Jeff Bezos on his 4-step method for building trust and reputation

02 Jul 2021
AMR paper notes that in “trust-modeling” experiments, “both consistency and integrity” were considered fundamental.

Originally found at CNBC, by Tom Popomaronis.

What does it take to achieve great success in your career?

According to Jeff Bezos, one of the most important things you need to do is to build trust and maintain a good reputation. But it isn’t easy.

In a fireside chat at the Reagan National Defense Forum in 2019, Bezos laid out the four things he does to earn people’s trust: 1. Do hard things; 2. If you say you’re going to do something, do it; 3. Take controversial stances; and 4. Have clarity.


Several studies back up Bezos’ strategy for building trust.

According to two experiments published in a 2000 study, researchers found three factors for establishing trust: “It’s the frequency in which the trustee and trustor interact, the competence of the trustee and the consistency of the trustee’s previous behavior.”

Another study, published in the Academy of Management Review, also noted that in numerous “trust-modeling” experiments, “both consistency and integrity” were considered fundamental necessities. 

“Repeatedly following through,” the researchers noted, “is the most important element in engendering cognitive-based trust.”

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