Poets & Quants: Most Faculty Research Fails In 1 Important Way

01 Aug 2021
Usha Haley's new book on professor quality and research impact is based on a survey of AOM members.

Originally found at Poets & Quants, by Gitanjali Poonia.

It may not be the first thing applicants consider in deciding where to apply to business school. But it behooves MBA candidates to know how accomplished a B-school’s faculty is. Generally, professor quality is graded in terms of the impact of their work, academically and in the real world — but what is “impact,” how is it measured, and who does the measuring?

Having heard the word thrown around in academic circles for years, Usha Haley wanted to get to the bottom of how impact is measured in U.S. business schools. For the last three years, Haley, the W. Frank Barton distinguished chair in international business and professor of management at Wichita State University, and her team have researched the systems used to evaluate academics; the result is her new book, Impact and the Management Researcher.

To start, she wanted to gather clear data instead of moving forward with “hunches and intuition.” That meant surveying about 20,000 members, all from the global ranks of management education, through the sponsoring Academy of Management.

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