Silicon Republic: Is there a positive side to having imposter syndrome?

05 Feb 2022
We often try to fight against imposter syndrome to prevent it from holding us back. But could a little bit of it actually be a good thing?

Originally found at Silicon Republic by Jenny Darmody

Imposter syndrome can be extremely limiting for people if it’s let to run loose in their heads.

It’s often described as feeling like an imposter in your job and you’re just waiting to be found out. This lack of confidence can sometimes hold people back from future success.

But while imposter syndrome could hinder your career, those who are prone to it can actually take some positives from it too.

Last year, Basima Tewfik from the MIT Sloan School of Management published a study in the Academy of Management Journal, which found that employees who suffer from imposter syndrome have better interpersonal skills than their more confident co-workers.

Through this research, she sought to “rebalance the existing conversation” around imposter syndrome by highlighting the benefits it can bring.

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