Forbes: Six Practical Developments To Help Business Leaders Create Both Social AND Economic Value

01 Jul 2022
Rarely in modern times have business leaders been subjected to such pressure for transparency and social engagement as now. This is partly because the Covid-19 pandemic and its economic aftermath has been followed by a growing economic divide between shareholders and stakeholders....

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And yet, we believe many executives are paying more attention to long-term objectives such as purposefulness and the ability to engage as social actors. Many large companies have created competent foundations which finance social projects, facilitate access to medical and drug treatment, as well as quality education....

The Six Catalyzers For A Hybrid Approach

To help such partnerships, six practical developments are helping catalyze this hybrid public-private-citizen approach which leaders should integrate in their future strategies....

Fifth, managers need to be aware of legislation in some countries where rigid procurement laws for public/private partnerships have been passed. Canada, France, but also Brazil and Ghana have pushed through strong texts on this legislation which has created a non-flexible framework, something which has been shown to slow down investor engagement. As a result, contractual flexibility has been questioned. Legislation is so well defined in terms of specific PPP law that managers lose bargaining power, but also the room to discuss exactly how to serve their joint objectives. This is creating tension and contradictions. There’s much more research to be done in this field, but it's the first indications we’ve noted from the results of our own investigation. Check our paper (soon to be presented, with Mohammed Hosseini, HEC Paris doctoral student at the Academy of Management annual conference in Seattle) entitled: “Big Picture Thinking in Small Pieces: Disentangling the Multi-Partner Collaboration”.

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