Forbes Women Weekly: Stop Hustle-Culture Burnout. Plus: Why One Woman’s Inflation-Focused Fund Has Yet To Hit Jackpot

19 Feb 2023
Women are caught in a “vicious cycle” of underrepresentation in startups, according to new research from the Academy of Management Journal: when women make up less than 15% of an organization’s workforce, female applicants are almost 30% less likely to apply than their male counterparts.

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If there are two words I’ve heard more this week than any others, it’s these: layoffs and recession. Consider a sampling of recent Forbes headlines: Early Thursday morning, software giant SAP said during an earnings call that it plans to cut 3,000 jobs, making it the latest tech firm to announce layoffs. At least 60,000 jobs have been lost amid corporate layoffs in January alone. Meanwhile, Morgan Stanley’s investment chief is warning clients that incoming earnings reports from other companies will likely disappoint investors, which could push major stock indexes to two-year lows even if the economy ultimately avoids a recession.

The uncertainty around whether or when the U.S. dips into a recession is anxiety-producing, to say the least, but I’ve recently been reflecting on a conversation I had with venture capitalist Theresia Gouw last year. Gouw is the founder of Acrew Capital (and one of the honorees on the 2022 North American 50 Over 50 list!) and, after a decades-long career in Silicon Valley, has a healthy perspective about the broader market.

“We don't control the macroeconomic environment, we never have,” Gouw told me. I asked her for her best advice for entrepreneurs in this moment, and I think her answer is helpful no matter what your job is. Essentially, she said, control what you can control: “What resources do you have today? And what's the most you can [do] with what you've got today?”

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