Critical Operational Support: AOM Headquarters Team

21 Mar 2022
“AOM staff work in close and constant coordination with our 14 members of the Board of Governors and the leaders of our Divisions and Interest Groups. They help us with all operational aspects and also to think creatively about how we can enhance AOM’s value proposition.” — Herman Aguinis, President of the Academy of Management

Seventh in the series: AOM President Herman Aguinis introduces the Academy’s headquarters staff and explains the myriad of operational processes that the HQ team helps support. 

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Did you know?

AOM’s headquarters team is made up of nearly 40 individuals who drive the majority of our association operations, from conference and event planning and implementation, to supporting our vast network of around 7,000 volunteers annually, to financial transaction management, maintaining, and developing our self-published portfolio of seven journals, and strategic collaboration for Board and Division and Interest Group priorities. 

Read more about the headquarters collaboration with AOM’s volunteer network to support our services and program in our Annual Report.