Appreciating AOM's Volunteers: Board of Governors

20 Apr 2022
“The Board’s diverse experiences and perspectives help us be innovative and also be open to new opportunities about how we can serve Academy members better.” —Herman Aguinis, President of the Academy of Management

Eighth in the series: AOM President Herman Aguinis invites former and current Board of Governors members to share reflections from their experience as volunteer leaders serving the Academy of Management. 

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  • Did you know? AOM’s Board of Governors has legal and fiduciary accountability for the association and primary responsibility for direction setting and policy development. You can read more about the volunteers on our current Board here
  • Elections are now underway for the 2022-2023 term for Board and Division volunteer leadership roles; please follow the links below once logged into your Academy account to participate in each election:
  • If you would like to add additional candidates for consideration for next year’s elections, consider adding nominating individuals for either the Board of Governors’ nominations or a future Division or Interest Group nomination: