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The Washington Post: Politics are Becoming Tougher to Avoid at Work, Survey Finds

05 Oct 2022
The growing polarization of workplaces is leading to more arguments over politics and less diversity of perspectives within organizations

Originally found at Washington Post


Escalating political tensions in the workplace are creating problems for organizations as midterm elections draw nearer, a new survey shared with The Washington Post found.

About 1 in 4 workers, or 26 percent, said they have personally experienced differential treatment (positive and negative) because of their political views or affiliation, according to fresh data from the Society for Human Resource Management.

The figure, from a survey of 500 workers, represents a sharp increase from 2019 when just 11 percent of workers reported differential treatment because of their political views or affiliations.

In addition, 1 in 5 workers reported experiencing poor treatment in the workplace by co-workers due to their political views, the survey found.

It also recorded a small uptick in workplace arguments and altercations over politics, with 45 percent of workers reporting they have experienced political disagreements in the workplace, up three percentage points from 2019. Nearly half, or 46 percent, said they had witnessed such disagreements at work.


Read the original article at  The Washington Post.

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