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80th Annual Meeting Day 4 Recap: George R. Terry Book Award granted and New Doctoral Student Committee wraps up

10 Aug 2020
Daniel Beunza was awarded the 2020 George R. Terry Book Award for his book, "Taking the Floor: Models, Morals, and Management in a Wall Street Trading Room". Members continue joining session and logging over 1.4 million page views at the virtual Annual Meeting so far.

AOM2020Session_NDSCThe New Doctoral Students Consortium finished its multi-day meeting with options for staying in touch.

The New Doctoral Students Consortium (NDSC) wrapped up three days of sessions in which new doctoral students made connections with their peers, learned from experts, and engaged with faculty members to discuss questions around research, academia, and their social life during the Ph.D process.

Highlights from the NDSC sessions:

  • Laura Claus, Danielle Cooper, Wayne Crawford, and Richard Haans shared their approaches and advice on how to deal not only with the current effects of COVID-19 but also of crises in general during the “Doing Research During a Crisis: How Crises, Including but not Limited to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Affect the Research Process and Methods” panel.
  • Larry Williams introduced the Consortium for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis (CARMA), part of AOM’s Doctoral Student Development Program, as a great resource for all doctoral students seeking methodological advice.
  • Participants interactively engaged in an ethics activity organized by the Ethics Education Committee led by Rachel Balven, Bruce Martin, and Kanti Saini to sharpen new doctoral students’ awareness for potential ethical dilemmas during their Ph.D.
  • Jason Colquitt explained how to build ability, benevolence, and integrity to not only become a trusted Ph.D. student but to also build a strong academic career during his keynote address.

2020 George R. Terry Book Award

The Academy of Management's George R. Terry Book Award for 2020 was granted to Daniel Beunza for his book, Taking the Floor: Models, Morals, and Management in a Wall Street Trading Room. The award is presented annually to the book judged to have made the most outstanding contribution to the global advancement of management knowledge during the last two years. Books that contribute to the advancement of management theory, conceptualization, research, or practice are eligible for this prestigious award.

AOM2020_TerryBookBeunzaHead+Cover2020 George R. Terry Book Award winner Daniel Beunza

For more information, visit the 2020 George R. Terry Book Award web page at

Sessions on Climate, Diversity, Gender, and Ethnicity

Organizing for the Climate Emergency: Organizational Underpinnings of Climate Action (session 313)

Today’s panel symposium featured leading organizational theorists researching climate-related issues. The panel brought together scholars to explore promising avenues for research on climate change within the domain of organizational and management research and discuss how such research can be conducted in a way that positively impacts both theory and practice.

Key topics and questions concerning climate change and action explored in the symposium included:

  • Clarifying what system change means and entails
  • Constructing a commons logic and collective action frames
  • Overcoming polarization and the role of emotional responses
  • Winding down traditional businesses and identifying transition pathways
  • Producing actionable knowledge

Diversity, Gender and Ethnicity (session 1353)

This session examined the role of technology in reducing the social and cultural constraints faced by indigenous women microentrepreneurs. The research sought to understand why women in entrepreneurship might have a significant disadvantage over men, which poses the question: Do female entrepreneurs around the world encounter similar difficulties and cope in the same way?

The Determinants of Gender and Ethnic Diversity in Top Management Teams and on Boards (session 820)

Presenters examined female board representation around the world--and how although the percentages of women on corporate boards has increased, the uptick remains low and slow.

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Looking forward to joining the @AOMConnect @AOM_STR #Doctoral #Consortium. I was on the student side 4 years ago, and it was extraordinarily helpful. I am excited to now give back and help out from this side.
Andrea Contigiani, Ohio State University

At conferences I often rediscover my passion for conceptual work - can be so interesting as in the example by @MIBoddington! Overall a very interesting session at #AOM2020 on Diversity, Gender, and Ethnicity: Identity - recommend to take a look @AOMConnect @ENT_Div_AoM
Verena Meyer, Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Lower Saxony, Germany

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