Program Chair: Jill E. Ellingson, University of Kansas,
2021 Division Scholarly Program: Call for Submissions

Virtual Annual Meeting Dates: Friday, 30 July through Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Specific Domain
The Human Resources Division is dedicated to understanding, identifying, and improving the effectiveness of HR practices to facilitate organizational competitiveness nationally or internationally, encourage individual growth and development, and enhance individual performance, work-related attitudes, and well-being. The Division emphasizes the study of human capital and HR management practices at the individual, group, organizational, societal, and cross-cultural levels of analysis and their impact on outcomes critical to the organization, its employees and their representatives, and all its stakeholders (whether future, present, or past). Major topics include a broad spectrum of issues pertaining to the recruitment, selection, allocation, development, utilization, evaluation, compensation, and retention of people as resources in work organizations and pertaining to the employment relationship.

Special Instructions
The HR Division encourages both empirical and theoretical submissions. Furthermore, we encourage submissions that are consistent with the Division's on-going interest in research that bridges the science/practice gap and/or concerns the conference theme for 2021: "Bringing the Manager Back in Management". The theme calls us to help managers deal with the issues confronting them as uncertainty reshapes day-to-day management practice.  Whether due to a global pandemic, social unrest, political divisiveness, corruption, wellbeing, economic opportunity and equality, or climate change, management practice must respond and adapt. Managers must be equipped to effectively and ethically guide employees and organizations forward. The tenor of today draws us to the frontlines and asks us to use our professional tools in support of managers to help them manage through ambiguity, bias, new technology, global connectivity, interpersonal separation, and international and cultural influences. The theme of the meeting encourages management scholarship and education to create value for individuals, organizations, society, and our own profession by returning to our roots and refocusing on managers.

HR scholars should be well-positioned to examine these important issues and offer actionable insights for addressing many of these challenges. We encourage submitters of scholarly papers and symposia to consider, yet not be bound by, this year's conference theme. Please see more details about the theme at:

Paper and Symposia Submissions
Both scholarly Papers and Symposium submissions will be considered for the synchronous and asynchronous virtual Scholarly Program, which will be intermingled with the PDW Program this year. Details of the requirements for each submission type are outlined in the Scholarly Submission Guidelines. It is anticipated that roughly 75% of accepted submissions will have the opportunity to be delivered live. Submitters are encouraged to examine how they might embrace a particular delivery mode and will be asked to indicate if the submission should be considered for the Scholarly Program as a synchronous session, an asynchronous session, or either. Keep in mind that developing symposia (including panel discussions) with broad appeal to 3 divisions increases the chance of having a symposium accepted. When submitting a paper, please also remember to sign up to review for the HR Division.

Submission Process
Submissions for the HR Division Scholarly Program for 2021 should be made through the AOM submission system. The submission system will open early December 2020. The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, 12 January 2021 at 5:00 PM ET (NY Time). Earlier submissions are encouraged. Note that there is limited space on the scholarly program; consequently, not all submissions will be accepted.

Division Awards
Awards include: Scholarly Achievement Award, Innovative Teaching Award, Early Career Achievement Award, Best Dissertation Award, International HRM Scholarly Research Award, Best Convention Paper Award, Thomas A. Mahoney Mentoring Award, Best Student Convention Paper Award, Herbert Heneman Jr. Career Achievement Award, SHRM Foundation Dissertation Grants Award, Distinguished HR Executive Award, Dave Ulrich Impact Award, and Employee Participation and Ownership Award, plus awards for the best convention paper and best student convention paper focused on research at the intersection of HR and entrepreneurship.

More details on award eligibility criteria and the nomination process can be found on the HR Division website:

Annual Meeting
Key Dates

2021 Annual Meeting

  • Papers available for viewing: through 31 October 2021

  • Sessions available for viewing: through 31 December 2021

2022 Annual Meeting
5-9 August