2023 MC Division Professional Development Workshops: Call for Proposals

PDW Chair: Jérémy C. Salmeron, ISEOR Research Center

“Become scholars OF management, not just scholars FOR management, and as such, to rebalance – in both our research and teaching -- the perspectives of managers and of the workers they manage”, Bambergers, 2022.

Submission Timeline

  • Submission Center opening:  6 December 2022 
  • Submission Deadline: Tuesday, 10 January 2023 at 17:00 ET (GMT-5/UTC-5) 
  • PDWs will take place on 4 Friday August 2023 and 5 Saturday August 2023. 

AOM 2023 Theme: Putting the Worker Front and Center

Management consulting is a matter of animating collectives, in action. This year, the Academy of Management Annual Theme gives us the opportunity to explore, to study and to enhance the key role of workers inside organizations (public and private). Following Peter Bamberger’s call for submissions, Management Consulting Division would like to emphasize the impacts of creating knowledge at the very core of each human organization. As scholars-practitioners, we experienced new forms, ways or methods to work with our clients: it is time to gather the experiences and to create innovative and actionnable knowledge. 

Management consultants are working at the closest level with organizations actors: by doing Change Management or Organization Development, they accompany all the stakeholders in achieving their metamorphosis. 

This year we would like to highlight all the diversity of approaches in order to create the best experience possible for all our members and communities. We are taking the opportunity given this theme to encourage all submitters to defend their ideas, researches and methods in order to enhance the knowledge of organizations, seen through the eyes of active change agents. 

Fears, joys, challenges, innovations … Feel free to submit how the practice changes the contribution of workers in their activities and explore the lessons learned in order to expand that knowledge to all MCD members.  

A Professional Development Workshop (PDW) is a unique occasion to create an interaction between participants and experienced presenters around a topic that is relevant to Academy of Management General Theme and the focus of each Division. Our MCD is at the bridging point between Scholars and Practitioners, expanding the boundaries of traditional research methods and hybridizing the way to create knowledge, one feet in the field and the other into academia. For more information about PDW, please refer to Dougan’s Guide for creating and managing a good professional workshop   

The evaluation process is designed to be the most inclusive and comprehensive possible : the main criteria will be the quality of interaction and knowledge co-creation generated by the workshop.  

The MC Division is highly diverse and globally-oriented, so we welcome and encourage innovative and integrative wide-reaching submissions for PDWs at the 2023 Annual Meeting (to be held in Boston, Massachusetts, USA). Our division prides itself on welcoming scholars and practitioners, and including both established professionals and students. Submissions from established members of our division, as well as newcomers who are interested in the field of management consulting and research, and/or would like to explore new research issues, are welcomed.   

PDW Proposals must include

  • Workshop title 
  • Full description of the workshop, activities and roles. 
  • Time requirements of the workshop (shorter workshops preferred) 
  • Submitter (contact person) and presenter(s) information, including name, affiliation, address, phone, and e-mail for each person 
    • Please consider one or two chairs (co-chairs) maximum for the submission  
    • Please consider no more than five presenters/panelists/discussants in the submission  
    • Each chair/co-chair/presenter/panelist/discussant engage him/herself to attend the Academy of Management Annual Meeting 4-8 august 2023 
    • After the submission and the acceptation, each chair/co-chair/presenter/panelist/discussant listed that can’t attend the Academy of Management Annual Meeting engage him/herself to ask for the withdrawal of his/her name 
  • Division or Interest Group sponsor solicited and why 
  • Suggested Division or Interest Group co-sponsors (which are highly recommended given the limited time slots we have in the Academy’s overall PDW program) 
  • How you intend to create a productive audience interaction and participation 

If any questions: contact Dr. Jérémy C. Salmeron, MCD PDW Chair 

Thus, you may consider PDW submissions that either address issues in the field of management consulting (consulting processes, consulting outcomes, research in the consulting industry, teaching management consulting…), or issues connected with the Annual Meeting theme, for example: 

How we as scholar-practitioners can build relevant theory from organizational practices that improve workers (front and back) performance.  

The consulting methods, tools and approaches we use to work with teams that merge managers and staff.  

The practices and processes we teach our clients (including students) that contribute to a better understanding and empowerment of workers (managers and staff).  

  • How we collaborate with each other and our client’s staff to build solutions (individually or collectively) to ensure the economic and social health of the organization and society.  
  • How we help organizations deal with increasing inequities by empower the staff skills and dedication to strategy.   
  • How we can adapt and enhance our skill to train staff members into our consulting and teaching practices. 
  • How we as teachers can better prepare our students to work as scholar-practitioners and bridge the interface between theory and practice, with all the stakeholders of an organization 

Please note that the “Rule of 3” applies to PDW submissions. Therefore, no one can submit or be a part of more than 3 PDW submissions (this is in addition to the Rule of 3 for the main scholarly program).  Note also that having shorter sessions will allow us to have more PDWs, so focusing on delivering quality content in a shorter time frame will be appreciated.

Management Consulting Doctoral Consortium

Are you a doctoral candidate (PhD, Dba, Exec-PhD, DM …) in any of the following situation:

  1. You have a proposal and you need help on how to take your research forward, including which literature to use, which methodology, etc.?
  2. You have an idea and you need a professional soundboard to help you crystalize your research?
  3. You have an experience to share about being a doctoral student and a practitioner at the same time that can fit in:

a) How to create a balance between theory and practice inside a doctoral research?
b) Internal or External Consultant : methodology and practices 
c) Research Methodologies 
d) Time management of doctoral students
e) Being scholar-practitioner 

You are welcome to participate and share/receive/construct knowledge with us ! 

The Management Consulting Division of the Academy of Management can help. We designed our Doctoral Consortium to help doctoral candidates move forward and achieve success with their research. 

You have to submit your proposal into the PDW system, as an independent submission, to be reviewed and selected in order to be gathered as a Doctoral Consortium. 

  1. For all Doctoral consortium submission proposals, you have to prepare the extended abstract of your research (1.5 page) : research object, research question, central hypothesis, research methodology, presentation of the field, results or expected results and state of advancement (planning)
  2. Depending on the type of submission you choose : 
  3. A list of questions that you would like to ask to the MC committee regarding the literature, the field, the methodology...
  4. The research idea in a synthetic presentation 
  5. Your ideas, insights regarding the 5 themes (1/2 page per theme maximum)   

Technical Assistance: 

  • You have to submit your proposal as a “PDW submission” in the submission center. 
  • Select “Consortia”
  • For date : “no preference” and duration “1 hour” 
  • For participant : indicate “1 person” 
  • Upload your document 
  • It is done!

The proposal will be reviewed inside the AOM Process of Reviewing and the results will be communicated with the announcements of Scholarly, PDW and Caucus by the AOM system in spring 2023.  

By submitting, you confirm that your PhD/DBA/Exec-PhD/DM … supervisor is informed of your intention to participate. 

For any technical questions please contact the PDW Chair Jérémy SALMERON.

Please note that this PDW submission will count in the rule of 3+3 and by sending a proposal, you confirm your commitment to attend the 83rd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management from 4-8 August 2023, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. 

Are you a doctoral supervisor (PhD, Dba, Exec-PhD, DM …) that wants to help the community? 

If yes, you are welcome to mentor our candidates in order to create the best interactive and fully effective Doctoral Consortium possible. 

You can start thinking about your expertise/experience on these topics: 

a. How to create a balance between theory and practice inside a doctoral research?
b. Internal or External Consultant : methodology and practices 
c. Research Methodologies 
d. Time management of doctoral students
e. Being scholar-practitioner 

We will help our doctoral students to embrace the path of scholar-practitioners ! 

Please send a message to Jérémy Salmeron in order to inform that you would like to participate and attend and send us one biography describing your research background.


AOM 2023 Key Dates

  • Submission Center Opening:
    December 2022
  • Submission Deadline:
    10 January 2023
    (17:00 ET UTC-5/GMT-5)
  • Review Period:
    19 January-23 February
  • Registration/Housing Open:
    Early March 2023
  • Decision Notifications:
    Late March 2023
  • 83rd Annual Meeting:
    4-8 August 2023