Program Chair: Gerard Beenen, College of Business and Economics, California State University,
2021 Division Scholarly Program: Call for Submissions

Please join your fellow management educators and researchers, at all stages of our careers, in submitting empirical and conceptual papers, challenging scholarly and provocative essays, and symposia for the 81st Academy of Management (AOM) Meeting, a virtual experience from 30 July to 3 August 2021!

MED is the education theory, practice and policy research division of AOM. We welcome research insights that address challenges and opportunities that educators, leaders, students and administrators face: education research and learning policy, business school governance and accreditation, leadership development, pedagogic theory development (e.g. design-based research), course/program curriculum, and pedagogy (e.g. assessments, new technologies, effective teaching tools, learning tools, case studies, and learning exercises), and scholarly writing and publication processes relevant to undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral, executive and non-credit bearing educational programs.

This year's conference theme: Bringing the Manager Back in Management

This year's conference highlights a central theme that is near and dear to the heart of the MED Division—the manager’s role in addressing society’s most pressing problems: economic crisis in the midst of a global pandemic, disruptive pivots to remote work environments and business models, and virtual/online pedagogy and learning; inequity, discrimination and cultural conflicts; all against the backdrop of the broad implications of climate change. MED Division members are eager to bring the manager back in management by focusing our effort and attention on the positive impact that management educators and researchers, can have on these intractable global challenges. As the Academy of Management division focused explicitly on the education and development of managers, we are in a unique position to explore, develop and test innovative models and solutions to tackle these problems.

Bringing the manager back into management brings into greater focus the responsibilities that management educators and researchers have to enable transformative conflict management; promote sustainable and equitable economic growth; and develop and validate inventive pedagogical models that leverage technology and remote learning while embracing the critical need for interpersonal engagement. In bringing the manager back into management, we invite you to explore questions such as: How can management education research amplify its positive impact on societal challenges? What role do management educators and researchers play in closing the research-practice gap? How can the research of teaching and learning, and the teaching and learning of research, equip managers to be agents of positive change in a turbulent future?  How does our global pivot to remote work, learning and education inform our forward looking use of technology in how we develop current and future managers? How do we develop integrative solutions across domains to tackle broad-based theoretical and practical problems? How can the Academy of Management serve the diverse interest of its global membership and the variegated roles that managers play across cultures? 

We invite you to submit your work to the MED Division to be considered for inclusion in the 2021 virtual conference program! Your submissions may have theoretical, pedagogical, or practical aims, but should be grounded in scholarship appropriate to the field. Our program will emerge from what we, the MED community of researchers, educators and scholarly practitioners, find most meaningful in the peer-review process. For a link to more information on this year's conference theme, please visit:

Submission System Closes: Tuesday, 12 January 2021 at 5:00 PM ET (NY Time).

Call for Reviewers: We are delighted that the MED community is strongly committed to a quality program, and that when you submit a paper you also sign up as a reviewer. In addition, we especially appreciate our distinguished and generous colleagues who sign up to review even when they are not submitting! Our program is as good as our reviewers, and we are fortunate to have so many of you gracious enough to ensure that quality continues! As a reviewer, you also provide our community of management education scholars’ developmental support in their publication journey. Please watch for the reviewer volunteer sign up call and use the AOM reviewer signup, available online ( You may be asked to review up to two papers from our division based on reviewer keywords you provide that match with those provided by paper authors. We thank you for your generosity in providing your time, and your commitment to the principles of collegiality and community. MED Outstanding Reviewer Awards will be given to those reviewers who provide the highest-quality (most extensive and constructive) reviews of competitive paper and symposium submissions for the division's program as part of the Academy of Management's Annual Meeting.

MED Writers' Workshop PDW: A central aspect of the MED program is to provide feedback to help you on your publication journey. A select number of papers that cannot be in the main program due to space limitations will be invited to the "Writers' Workshop PDW" where journal editors, reviewers and other experienced authors will provide feedback in order to help authors advance their papers towards a publishable version. These papers must show high promise that they may be developed into published articles; authors commit to comment on others' papers in the most constructive and collegial spirit.

MED Division Awards: Recognition awards will be given to submissions that are selected from papers and symposia proposals submitted to the MED Division for the 2020 AOM program. Outside the scholarly program, MED Division also gives a Best Professional Development Workshop Award, and a Career Contribution Award. You can self-nominate for awards. To self-nominate, ensure the submission cover page and first paragraph of the paper includes: a) the award(s) for which the submission is to be considered and b) a statement that all authors meet the criteria for the award, where applicable. Signaling your fit with the awards listed below may facilitate the evaluation process. This year's MED Awards (subject to sponsor confirmation) are:

  • Best Paper in Management Education sponsored by MOBTS and the Journal of Management Education for the paper that offers the most significant contribution to management education.
  • Clarion University of Pennsylvania Online MBA Best Paper in Graduate Management Education for the most significant contribution to graduate management education.
  • Global Forum Best Paper for the paper that most effectively addresses a global issue of significance to management education and development.
  • SAGE/Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies Junior Faculty Best Paper Award for the most significant contribution that advances leadership and organizational studies in a paper authored by junior faculty members who earned their PhD within the past nine years, that is, have graduated in 2010 or later (doctoral students may be co-authors).
  • Barry Armandi Award for Best Student Paper in Management Education Research for a student(s) authored paper that offers the most significant contribution to advance management education and development. (NOTE: Lead author must be a registered doctoral or postgraduate research student at the time of submission and no more than one non-student may be an author to qualify for this award).
  • McGraw Hill Best Symposium in Management Education and Development Award for the symposium that offers the most significant contribution to advance management education and development.
  • J.B. (Ben) Arbaugh Outstanding Contribution Award presented to the MED member who best exemplifies a career of dedication and service to the division (NOTE: This is independent of the scholarly program).
  • Best Professional Development Workshop presented to the PDW proposal that offers the most significant contribution to the MED PDW program (NOTE: This is independent of the scholarly program)

Submission Instructions: Follow the AOM 2021 general submission guidelines. The submission system will be open in early December.

The Management Education and Development Division looks forward to your submissions!

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