PDW Chair: Martina Linnenluecke, Macquarie Business School,
2021 Division PDW Program: Call for Submissions

The Organizations and Natural Environment (ONE) division seeks proposals for Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) for the 2021 Virtual Academy of Management Meeting.

ONE is a community of scholars and teachers with the common desire to advance and promote understanding of the intersection of organizations and the natural environment. We believe that these interactions are among the most significant components in the continued existence, development, and management of human organizations and societies. The pollution of air, water, and land, and the depletion of resources resulting from the actions of organizations are the most obvious manifestations of these relationships. ONE focuses on the status, causes, and effects of these and other opportunities and problems that human organizations and societies encounter in co-existing with the natural environment within the workplace, communities, and/or global ecosystem.

The goal of PDWs is to serve the personal and professional needs of Academy members to develop and update their practical, professional, and intellectual skills. This year’s Academy theme, "Bringing the Manager Back in Management" poses many interesting questions for the ONE community. This year has introduced significant challenges and much uncertainty, and it is becoming increasingly clear that we need to examine how management research can help us to understand and tackle these challenges in the future. Is management today equipped for the challenges ahead? How can managers deal with multiple challenges such as the impacts of the global pandemic, climate change and resulting economic consequences (also considering their diverse backgrounds and workplace situations)? For the 2021 PDW program the ONE division invites submissions that contextualize or problematize our research to better serve managers and that will enable us work with managers in recognizing the urgency of addressing social and environmental challenges.

PDWs should promote attendees’ professional development, in terms of teaching or research. PDWs differ from the Academy’s Scholarly Program and should not mimic symposia or paper sessions in which a series of presentations are made with minimal audience involvement. Instead, PDWs should be inclusive, encourage widespread participation, develop members’ skills, foster connections, and promote interactive involvement.

The Academy has developed extensive guidelines on how to develop a valuable PDW. Capturing and maintaining attendees’ interest through innovative sessions is critically important. PDWs provide a platform for experimenting with new processes, models, formats, and ideas, and proposers are encouraged to develop something new. These sessions could include new forms of technology (e.g. podcasting, wikis, etc.) and inventive structures.

Traditionally, PDWs have included workshops, town hall meetings, debates, tutorials, panels, tours, roundtable discussions, case studies, invited speakers, and workout sessions. A list of past ONE PDWs is available at the ONE website. Given the virtual format of the 2021 Academy of Management Meeting, PDWs will need to be designed to enable presenters and the audience to participate virtually and will replace the “traditional” physical presence at the Academy. We strongly encourage you to draw on suitable virtual tools and collaboration formats to make your proposed PDW fun, inclusive and innovative!

Good PDWs energize participants and provoke members to be attentive and engaged. They should incorporate theories of adult learning (cooperative, relevant, problem-cantered, experiential, etc.). Finally, and importantly, PDW must be logistically sound and well-planned in terms of responsibilities, preparation, and arrangements. Please consider how the PDW can be designed so that it encourages virtual international collaborations and is inclusive of scholars that will be joining from different countries, backgrounds, and time-zones.

The ONE division has a strong tradition of cross-division proposals. We encourage you to connect with other divisions and be explicit about how you will do so. PDW proposals should present the goal of the PDW, its underlying rationale, the session’s design, its organizers, and its intended audiences. PDW proposals should be three to five pages, single-spaced, with 1.5 spacing between paragraphs and sections. Please refer to the AOM’s PDW guidelines for further details.

***We strongly encourage you to discuss your ideas with the ONE PDW Chair prior to submission to ensure that proposals fit with our aims, and that overlap between different proposals can be minimized so that each PDW creates a unique and innovative contribution. You may send your preliminary ideas via a short e-mail to Martina Linnenluecke ( by Friday, 11 December 2020 for discussion.***

The deadline for proposals is Tuesday, 12 January 2021 at 17:00 (5pm) ET (NY Time). Please submit your PDW proposals via the AOM website, for details see Only electronic submissions will be accepted. The submission system opens in early December and early submissions are encouraged, as proposals will be considered on a rolling basis. Since limited time is allotted for PDWs, please remember that the submission process is highly competitive. Professional Development Workshop (PDW) sessions will be held during the Annual Meeting, Friday, 30 July – Tuesday, 3 August 2021.

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