Social Issues in Management (SIM)

PDW Chair: Cristina Neesham, Newcastle University,

2021 Division PDW Program: Call for Submissions

The Social Issues in Management (SIM) Division seeks proposals for the Professional Development Workshop (PDW) sessions (Friday, 30 July to Tuesday, 3 August ) at the 2021 Academy of Management (AOM) Annual Meeting. Scholarship in the SIM Division is characterized by our shared interest in understanding responsible managerial behavior at the individual, organizational, and trans-organizational levels.  

PDWs should promote attendees’ professional development – whether that be on teaching or research. PDWs differ from the Academy’s scholarly program and are managed separately from the All Academy Theme Program and the Scholarly Program's paper sessions, symposia, and caucuses. As such, PDWs should not mimic, for example, presenter symposia in which a series of academic papers is presented with minimal audience involvement. Rather, PDWs should focus on widespread participation and skill development. PDWs aim to attract and involve a broad audience, including members of other Academy Divisions. PDWs should be interactive, inclusive, provocative, and creative.

PDW Proposals may choose to incorporate this year’s conference theme: Bringing the Manager Back in Management. In her discussion of the theme posted on the AOM conference website, 2021 Academy Program Chair Amy Hillman notes: 

For a field named ‘management’, it is odd how little of our focus is on ‘managers’, whether at the frontline, middle, or executive level, or at the organizational, geographic, or global level. Today, more than ever, our research and teaching are called on to shape what managers do on a day-to-day basis. We are the Academy of Management and yet it isn’t always clear how our research addresses issues confronting practicing managers. The tenor of our time suggests that seeking to help managers deal with the issues confronting them would be a valuable contribution to the world we live in.” 

This year’s theme has a strong connection to the SIM domain – looking forward and understanding the dichotomies that exist within and between business and society. Submitters are encouraged to reflect on the conceptual and practical links their workshop offers to how we can bring the manager back in management – and consider the role of organizations, scholarship, and the teaching we do to address the pressing challenges of the 21st century. Connections to the theme are sought after in all three PDW tracks: research, pedagogy, and professional development. 

We also welcome non-thematic proposals about other topics within the SIM domain including, but not limited to, ethical decision-making; corporate governance; corporate social responsibility; corporate philanthropy; business ethics; stakeholder engagement and relations; environmental management; base-of-the-pyramid; social entrepreneurship; moral development; public policy; and corporate political strategy. PDW workshops may have a variety of structural forms, including roundtable discussions, interactive panels, site visits, service-learning activities, creative/artistic sessions, entrepreneurial incubators, and other activities that help SIM members develop professionally.

In your PDW proposal, please include the following sections:

1) Research, Teaching, or Professional Development: Please indicate which PDW Track your submission fits into.  Efforts will be made to include an array of workshops on scholarly research, pedagogy, and faculty development ideas. 
2) Workshop Focus and Importance: What is the focus of this workshop and why is that important to SIM scholars/teachers?  If relevant, please indicate how it relates to this year’s Academy theme.
3) Structure and Audience Engagement: (a) How will the audience engage in interactive activity during this workshop? (b) How much time is needed and how will it be used?
4) Outcomes: What will be the valuable outcomes for participants? What useful outcomes can you envision from this workshop that could be shared with SIM members not in attendance?  Indicate clearly the goals of the workshop.
5) Key Biographies: Provide short biographies (~125 words) for each organizer and key presenter.

The PDW submission center opens in early December 2020, and the deadline for PDW proposals is 12 January 2021, at 5:00 PM ET (NY Time). 

Acceptances will be done on a rolling basis, however – so you are encouraged to submit early. Please contact Cristina Neesham before December 16, 2020 if you would like to discuss proposal ideas or if you have other questions regarding PDW sessions. All submissions must be made online at  Please also email a copy of your proposal to Cristina Neesham at

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