2023 Division PDW Program: Call for Submissions

PDW Chair: Erica Steckler, University of Massachusetts Lowell

The Social Issues in Management (SIM) Division seeks proposals for Professional Development Workshop (PDW) sessions at the 83rd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM), which will be held in-person on-site in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, between 4-8 August 2023. PDWs will occur on Friday, 4 August, and Saturday, 5 August.  

PDWs are among the most rewarding, stimulating, and enjoyable sessions of the AOM Annual Meeting. PDWs differ from the Academy’s scholarly program, and should focus on widespread participation and skill development. PDWs should be interactive, inclusive, provocative, and creative. These sessions are typically structured as workshops, breakout sessions, tutorials, discussion panels, research incubators, or other interactive formats. They provide a forum for exchanging ideas and building relationships in a manner that does not typically fit the constraints of paper and symposium sessions. Knowledge sharing and participation are key, and PDWs present the opportunity to experiment with new models of interaction and engagement. 

PDW organizers may choose to incorporate this year’s Annual Meeting theme: “Putting the Worker Front and Center.” Societal complexity – including shifting power dynamics, increasing inequality, socio-political upheaval, and an unabated climate crisis – confronts individual workers and the collective global labor force with an unprecedented set of challenges. This year’s conference theme connects with foundational priorities of the SIM domain to generate better understandings and practices of responsible behavior in business and associated organizing contexts. SIM scholarship’s conceptual and applied focus on ethical systems, social change, and sustainable development is well-aligned with this year’s call-to-action to substantively address the experience of workers. 

We also welcome non-thematic PDW proposals about other topics within the SIM domain. Priority will be given to proposals that engage scholars from other divisions in topics of interest to SIM scholars and that create the capacity for generative multi- or interdisciplinary conversations, methods, understandings, and problem-solving.  

PDW proposals are sought after in three Tracks: Research, Teaching, and Professional Development. We are particularly interested in PDW proposals focused on any of the following aims: 

  • Publishing research 
  • Amplifying research impact 
  • Developing research technical skills 
  • Collaborating with practitioners on research projects 
  • Innovating the practice of teaching 
  • Inspiring engagement with SIM topics in and beyond the classroom  
  • Stewarding SIM interests and learning in our own workplaces 
  • Succeeding in the retention, promotion, and tenure process 
  • Advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion 
  • Writing grants, pursuing funding, arranging productive sabbaticals

PDW proposals should include the following sections: 

  1. Research, Teaching, or Professional Development: Please indicate which PDW Track your submission fits into.  
  2. Workshop Focus and Importance: What is the focus of the proposed PDW and why is this important to SIM scholars/teachers?  If relevant, please indicate how the workshop relates to this year’s Academy theme. Why might other AOM Divisions and Interest Groups be interested in this PDW? 
  3. Structure and Audience Engagement: (a) How will the audience engage interactively during the PDW? (b) How much time is needed for this workshop and how will it be used? 
  4. Goals and Outcomes:  Indicate clearly the primary goals of the PDW. What are the anticipated valuable outcomes for workshop participants? How could these outcomes be shared with SIM or other AOM members not in attendance?   
  5. Key Biographies: Provide short biographies for each organizer and key presenter (up to 125 words per person). 
The AOM  Submission Center will be open 6 December 2022. The deadline to submit PDW proposals is Tuesday, 10 January 2023, at 17:00 (5pm) ET (NY Time). 
All submissions must be made online through the AOM Submission Center. Please contact the PDW Chair, Erica Steckler, before December 16, 2022 if you would like to discuss proposal ideas or if you have questions.  

AOM 2023 Key Dates

  • Submission Center Opening:
    December 2022
  • Submission Deadline:
    10 January 2023
    (17:00 ET UTC-5/GMT-5)
  • Review Period:
    19 January-23 February
  • Registration/Housing Open:
    Early March 2023
  • Decision Notifications:
    Late March 2023
  • 83rd Annual Meeting:
    4-8 August 2023