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Chinese patent violators, Missing green goals, Misbehaving startups

01 Nov 2021
AOM Insights
Detecting the Patent Violators among Chinese Firms

Companies seeking to partner with Chinese firms on innovation projects might want to assess the firms’ board members for several factors if they have concerns about protecting patents and intellectual property.

“With more and more firms adopting strategies to mitigate impact on the natural environment, why are so many indicators of environmental health trending in the wrong direction?” an AOM scholar asks.

Entrepreneurial glow is not dimmed when startups make ethical missteps, because new ventures are perceived as being more virtuous than large, well-established companies. And transgressing startups fare better in the court of public opinion than erring corporate giants because the ventures are expected to push boundaries.

Many people’s image of a leader might be someone giving an impassioned speech or guiding others. But AOM scholars describe a different way to lead: asking questions in an open way and then listening attentively to responses, a communication method called respectful inquiry.

Teams with members in multiple pay grades are better able to coordinate their activities because individuals are more likely to understand who calls the shots and who is supposed to follow directions.

AOM scholars say something is missing from some of the typical management research articles: Honest, personal accounts from the researchers themselves about their relationship with the topics at hand and how those relationships inform their research.

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