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Disrupting racism, Environment vs. economy, Resilience, Making time fly

01 Dec 2023
AOM Insights
White Male Leaders Hold the Keys to Racial Equality

Current diversity efforts are doomed to failure, but today’s organizational leaders—overwhelmingly white men—have the power to overturn entrenched racial inequality in U.S. workplaces, according to an Academy of Management Review article.


Conventional wisdom holds that agricultural businesses hurt the Amazon rainforest. An Academy of Management Discoveries article, however, refutes such claims.


Two symphonies took different paths to deal with adversity from the COVID-19 pandemic. One path led to success, the other, nearly to disaster before getting back on track, according to an Academy of Management Journal article. (See below for more summaries of AOM journal articles related to resilience.)


AOM scholars explain why many employees don’t express their opinions in this Academy of Management Learning & Education article.


We’ve all experienced how time flies when we’re having fun. At work, this is also true: when employees feel that time is passing quickly, they have more positive feelings about their work—and their job performance improves, AOM scholars reveal.


AOM scholars show how the two megatrends of remote work and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) coexist and affect one another in workplaces, making some prior research obsolete.


It might seem reasonable to assume that a doctor would have difficulty getting over an error that results in a patient’s death, and find it easier to deal with a minor error that caused no harm at all. An Academy of Management Journal article explains how such assumptions could be wrong.


While leaders are directing the show, they frequently have a trusted advisor who challenges them to reflect and sometimes flip the script. The right-hand partner—who has lower relative power than the leader—plays an important role in elevating the success of the leader and the organization, AOM scholars show.


From the archive:

“While playing by the rules is the principled thing to do, and many would say the safest, too, many managers also feel a responsibility to challenge the rules because the rules are not always infallible and fairness to other parties may demand nothing less,” AOM scholars write.


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The 7 Deadly Sins of Outsourcing



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