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Forbes: 4-Day Workweek Catching On In The United States

15 Nov 2022
The four-day workweek might have a future in the American way of working.

Originally found at Forbes

The concept of a four-day workweek is not new, but there are very few large-scale trials to measure its success. One study in the Academy of Management Journal found that the four-day workweek does not reduce labor productivity and may in fact increase it. A larger study in the United Kingdom in June of this year launched the largest four-day workweek pilot to date, including more than 3,300 workers and 70 British companies.

Midpoint Results Of The U.K. Study

After a six-month, four-day workweek trial, findings from 4 Day Week Global show that for many it is a fairly smooth transition and for some understandable hurdles, mostly among those with fixed or inflexible practices, systems or cultures that date back well into the last century. Overall, the trial found no productivity loss associated with a four-day work week pilot program with some companies reporting significant improvements, corroborating earlier findings. The U.K. study found that the four-day week freed up employee personal time, boosted their well-being and made them more productive during working hours.

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